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チューする? (Chu suru?)

I think it’s only appropriate to kick off this shiny new blog with a shiny new video.

But oh my god. The shiny. It burns.

It should be illegal to be so bright and shiny and happy and shiny and youthful and… shiny.

avex, what have you done!? (Also, I should probably be shot for using “shiny” so much.)

That is to say, today yesterday two days ago on some day this past week, the music
video for AAA‘s next single, Get チュ-! [Get CHU!] was released. I know spring is coming, but really, is there a need for all these “bright” videos coming out? NEWS’ Hoshi wo Mezashite, Tamaki Nami’s CROSS SEASON, and probably a bunch more that I haven’t seen so far (but don’t particularly want to) have all had this light atmosphere to them despite the relative difference in their settings.

But at the same time, maybe it’s because spring is coming that these videos (mostly aimed at teenage fans) have been directed to contain the refreshing feel that they do. School’s starting again for kids in Japan, give them something that looks happy and not as tedious as school can be, and maybe you can spur more sales by making them want to join your bright world of pop music and rainbows!

Well, I don’t know. I don’t claim to understand those guys in marketing. And I also think you can only handle so much of this kind of “refreshment”. I mean, really, you can only drink so much soda or iced tea before the flavor gets boring – and in this case? All these videos are an overload. This is the equivalent of taking a 12-pack of cans of sugary drinks and cramming it down your throat. Without taking off the plastic top or opening the cans first.

…actually, yes, I regret using that particular image too, thank you very much.

But in the video, all is bright and happy and fun and games, so if I join AAA in their world, I won’t be gagging or wincing at mental images I create, and that 12-pack won’t hurt as much. And suddenly I understand why that song on their album was titled Welcome To This World. And why there a line going Take you higher 僕らの世界 [our world]. They are actual personifications of drugs. AAA is actually short for Addictive Analgesic Alkaloids, and the “ATTACK ALL AROUND” moniker is just something to cover it up! I’m onto you, avex…

Not that it’s going to stop me from spending cash on them, unfortunately. So, onto the PV. Where all my troubles will go away and this won’t matter in that woozy state of hallucination where everything is pretty and happy.

…getting back on topic. Get CHU! is the first A-side off their 7th release this year (and the continuing their ridiculous release-per-month record), and also the song playing in the commercial for House Foods’ FURUCHE drink, which I assume is some flavored yogurt type thing. I’ve never had it, don’t know if I especially want to. Even though AAA looks very happy in the CM playing and cheering with the drink packs and all that good stuff.

And hey, the song is happy too. It certainly has that easygoing pop-rock feel, though one moment I’m thinking it reminds me of Lead’s more recent upbeat songs, the next I’m thinking the Hanson brothers. (Can we tell what pop era I grew up in yet?) The group harmonizes surprisingly well here, and actually, the parts where they sing together fit a lot better with the music than the solo lines. As always, it’s not anything special, but it works for the period of time that you’re listening to it.

But the part of the video that really enforces the easygoing upbeat bit is the imagery – lots of smiling, playing around, and dancing about. (Not a care in the world for these 8, and if you buy their single, you can join them too! Okay, I’ll stop that now.) Fans of Misako in particular will probably love this, since the she does get a majority of the screen time and the vocals.

And no one looks bad. I don’t think the hairstyle thing has been broken, but since the two main suspects (Hidaka and Urata) have their hair covered up, how can you tell? The outfits are nice and casual, and they could be wearing these same outfits down the street and blend in… until someone noticed the sparkles and flowers and hearts that surround them as people from a shoujo manga under avex’s management. I’m still very much in love with Urata (and we plan on getting married in Hawaii next year after he collapses from being overworked, and the stereotypical JDrama plot plays out, would you like to come?), but Shuuta’s still looking good with his hair straight and bleached and streaked. And his body tanned. And leanly muscular. Mmmm. (On second thought, maybe I’ll just start a pretty boy harem with Urata as the first member and Shuuta as the second.)

The setting is beautiful as well. Shot in Hawaii, where the skies are blue, the trees are green, the beaches are white, and there are pretty people singing and dancing. Actually, I don’t know. I live in dreary New York. But if avex got paid by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, well, it’s getting worth it.

The biggest problem I have with this video is actually the choreography, which seems uninspired. You could have just two or three people doing this same dance and it would look just as good. AAA has eight members, why aren’t the choreographers using them? I don’t want any fancy acrobatics like in Hallelujah, but there’s got to be something better than just running in circles.

But as far as AAA videos go, this has been their best so far this year, and maybe one of their best overall, showing what AAA is really about. Fun, energetic eye-candy, and distilled recreational drugs. My only question is – why did it take so long?

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  1. vinyabarion
    November 12, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    “This is the equivalent of taking a 12-pack of cans of sugary drinks and cramming it down your throat. Without taking off the plastic top or opening the cans first.

    …actually, yes, I regret using that particular image too, thank you very much.”

    Oh dear god in heaven… I am laughing so much right now… uh… you should be a comedienne… seriously… (is that how you spell that?)

    “I’m on to you avex…” I wish I could write as funny… **bows**

    I think I might love you… lol… j/k…

  1. March 24, 2007 at 4:17 pm

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