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Games and music combine in a different way.

Just a quick note and random amusement from me.

If you like J-Pop and quick web flash games, especially those of the Escape-the-Room sort, Vision Museum is for you. Even more so if you haven’t already gotten enough of Lead and Amuro Namie’s latest releases, Drive Alive and FUNKY TOWN respectively.

Well, actually, not just any J-Pop. Mostly VISION FACTORY-signed artists, such as w-inds., HINOI TEAM, Uehara Takako, EU PHORIA, Nakanomori BAND, and as previously mentioned, both Lead and Amuro Namie are there too.

But what do you expect? The game’s one big advertisement for VISION FACTORY. And I can’t say that being greeted by Lead at the end of the game (I burst out laughing) or being able to preview songs from the latest releases wasn’t amusing in some way, me being who I am. Though I also have a better quality of Lead’s Drive Alive video on my computer, at least I know what I could be doing with a Japanese phone.

I could also spend this post writing about how this is unique, as compared to the other ways games and Japanese music have mixed – Konami’s Beatmania series, or artists doing songs tied-in with games like Angela Aki for Final Fantasy XII, but it’s past midnight and I’m tired.

Thanks to Jay is Games for pointing this out, because I’d never have found it myself.

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  1. April 16, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    The more J-Pop is injected into these games, the more I’m gonna play!

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