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The SEAMO Winds of Change

The fangirl in me squealed.


Both KURO and MICRO, the MCs of HOME MADE KAZOKU, are known for the hats they wear. In KURO’s case, a beret – in MICRO’s, usually a visor. Small changes are usually noted by fans with some wonder – such as when MICRO changed up his visor for a fedora in Nagareboshi.

Well, apparently FAMILIA is the album of hat changes, because in their latest video promoting fantastic3 from that same album, they’re wearing… no hats at all?

Since fantastic3 is a collaboration with SEAMO, who does happen to wear hats as well, I can understand the stylists’ choice in removing the hats. Only so many hats on the screen at a time, please.

But with the first glimpses of the participants in this song, I was left confused. I saw DJ U-ICHI. I saw SEAMO. I saw two other guys. Where were MICRO and KURO?

With cornrows and a fuzzy bleached head, respectively.

Not to say they don’t look good. MICRO makes the “ghetto aZn” style look cute, as compared to others who don’t pull it off or go too far. KURO? Looks like he’s ready to don a fur-lined jacket and make it big as a pimp in those sunglasses. And they both definitely look comfortable sandwiched between SEAMO’s pretty stage props pimp ladies. (Amusingly enough, KURO’s comment on this song? “…senpai, kouhai, oppai.” […senior, junior, breasts.] I’m sure you can figure out what he’s referring to with that last bit.)

No matter how you look at it – it’s definitely a change from their usual “average Joe” style.

The song’s a lot of fun, packed with energy from SEAMO and MICRO, and though KURO seems a bit left out with his calmer vocals when they’re rapping in sequence, he holds up just fine when it’s his time to shine. The music has a lot of beats, but provides interesting punctuation in the form of piano chords just when needed and never oversteps the line, thanks to DJ U-ICHI.

Ideally, this should really be all the incentive I need to put aside my procrastination and finally give HMK’s FAMILIA a listen. A good song. A fun video. My interest in the album has definitely been perked even if I weren’t already a fan procrastinating on it to begin with. This is just what they needed after a ridiculously bland single and a slow song lacking their usual flair. Maybe even draw in some new fans who consider the ghetto/hip-hop image the only way to tell a rapper apart from the usual mass of Japanese pop. (Which is really stupid, but hey. To each their own.)

But who cares? All my mind’s reading at the moment is “OMG. MICRO. KURO. STYLE CHANGE. AND LOOKING GOOD. THANK YOU SEAMO. THANK YOU.” And I really mean it too.

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  1. Raid-kun
    April 14, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    Just to let you know, I’ve linked ya and put up a mention of your blog (ok, not yet, but WILL DO!) on tori-e.blogspot. check it out if ya have the time!

  2. September 19, 2008 at 6:52 am

    thank you, I love Home Made Kazoku. :D

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