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The Problem with JE Fans and Me. Or Maybe Just Me.

I never thought it possible.

But surprisingly, today, after a meet up with the lovely ladies at je_nyc (LiveJournal) and then walking around to almost all the Japanese commercial areas in NYC, I am… karaoke-d out? What? No! Say it isn’t so! I love going karaoke and singing my heart out!

So there is the alternative. Which says I am… Johnny-d out. Huh. Now there’s an odd verb.

But nonetheless true – the first episode of Kuitan season 2 aired today. (Yesterday. Whatever.) I’ve been looking forward to it for months. I was looking forward to it heading out of the house going to the meet-up. And then coming home, I found I didn’t want to look at a single pretty boy. (With the exception of Urata Naoya, who’s currently not-as-pretty anyways. Him and his ridiculous machismo streak.)

Don’t get me wrong. Despite the title, I don’t have a single bad word to say of the girls whom I met and spoke to (both online and off) for the very first time today – and before you bring up any news article where some foolish teen went and met with people s/he met over the Internet and came away with a tragic story, don’t. Been there, done that. (Thank you, mommy.)

Continuing. Let me repeat – there is nothing bad I have to say about these girls. And if anything, I can thank them for the unusual experience of playing tour guide to a bunch of residents of the same city they are “touring”. (I also know what isn’t my ideal job now, too.) And as far as fangirls go, they’re amazingly nice. Fanatic about their particular obsession, yes, but not about to force it on anyone. Welcoming, really. Some of them are a bit shy about singing, but hey, can’t blame them for that in front of total strangers.

Furthermore, everything I did today is exactly the same as I would when being with my usual crowd of friends – whose musical tastes, while they don’t extend to Johnny’s (oh, far be it), do lie securely in the range of the Japanese.

So where does the problem lie?

With me, for being a relative newbie to Johnny’s Entertainment? After all, beyond NEWS, Domoto Koichi, and a basic knowledge of JE that any J-Pop fan ought to have, I know nothing. I don’t quite know if you could even call me a fan of JE. Which does put me at a bit of an odds with a roomful of 6 or 7 JE fangirls.

With me, for generally being a not-so outgoing person? I have self-confidence and a measure of extroverted traits, yes. I certainly wouldn’t be able to meet a group of people where I didn’t know a single soul or have all that much in common with if I were completely introverted. But it’s a bit hard to communicate when you do tend to like things that (gasp!) the others seem to have never heard of and they like things that you clearly have no interest in. (Oh, AAA, I failed you today. That karaoke medley will have to come another time.)

With me, for apparently retaining a subconscious unwillingness to completely understand giant musical production groups like Johnny’s, Hello!Project, Girls’ Box (while it was still around), and the mess of artists under SM Entertainment? If you mention how I’m a fan of wFL – no, not really. My main fandom is w-inds. I keep up with FLAME and Lead’s exploits for the sake of completion. I’m really surprised that I even recognize the names of anyone who was in Morning Musume for at least two years, never mind having a general idea of what generation they were in.

Or with Johnny Kitagawa, who is apparently going to both directly and indirectly take over the world – between his empire of pretty boys and using their fans to kill the minds of non-fans. Don’t laugh! You weren’t there! I experienced the horror!

Meh, however you look at it, I guess this is just a lesson to me. Stick with meeting fans online and not face-to-face – unless I want to come out ready to fall apart.

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