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There are no good titles for this post.

Because, I’m sorry, titles like Get チュ-! [Get CHU!] and SHEの事実 [SHE no Jijitsu] don’t allow for much. So enjoy an enlarged cover for SHE no Jijitsu taking up my usual intro text space instead.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is going to be about AAA‘s latest single.

It’s a bit hard for me listening to this single, probably because I’m slowly falling out of love with AAA as a group. I like the individual members and their antics together, but when they’re considered as one entity, I find myself struggling to find a hold I can hang on from on the metaphorical cliff face of fandom. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a bit sick of pretty people at the moment. (My love affair with Terajima Susumu and his various golden-hearted tough-guy characters probably isn’t helping.) And with avex, everything becomes pretty.

My opinion of Get CHU! hasn’t changed from when I first saw the video. Which is, in its way, good, because I did expect to be sick of it with so much lead-up time. It’s clearly meant to be a fun and happy song, led by Misako, being sugary cute and peppy in full force. (It should be noted that she does this extremely well. It feels like hearts, stars, and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows, and the red balloons could fly out from her very voice.) But because the full song is elongated by about a minute(?), it does get to be a bit much, so when she tones it down to a more wistful sound for the second pre-chorus bridge, it’s almost a bit of a relief.

SHE no Jijitsu is a darker song – well, maybe that’s a lie. AAA’s shiny-ness still… shines through. But it’s a bit obvious from the general sound, even without the visual aid of their outfits, that it is something meant to be more chaotic. There’s the usual mess of electric guitars for buildup, and the vocals have a sharper, abrupt feel to them. I confess to being amused at the hook, where “SHE” and the Japanese sound “shi” (i.e., JERASHI- and shiritai) are worked in for what was probably an amusing bunch of lyrics for AAA to sing.

Both Get CHU! and SHE no Jijitsu are tied in with commercials for the House FURUCHE brand of drinks and desserts: a portable handy-pack yogurt drink thing and a pudding-ish mix (called C no Kanjitsu) respectively. Well, I’m not sure about the exact products, I would never eat this stuff. While AAA was featured in the commercial for the former, the latter starred Shida Mirai, who had recently garnered acclaim for her lead role in the drama 14-sai no Haha [14-year-old Mother]. While I’m a bit surprised they didn’t just have AAA handle both commercials, it should be noted that the commercial for C no Kanjitsu was aired much earlier. Basically, despite the lack of a higher quality music video floating around the interwebs, there’s been enough time to get used to SHE no Jijitsu‘s chorus.

While neither song has really won me over, they both flow nicely in their own ways. SHE no Jijitsu got a sexy theme for its video and style, but it’s got more of a rebel sound. But this is AAA, who usually gets something bright and “pure” – the closest they’ve really gotten to sexy for any single is Kirei na Sora. So both image and sound meld together for something fitting enough for the three-and-a-half minutes this song lasts for. As for Get CHU!, well… it took the happy and refreshing and ran away with it. Literally and figuratively.

Oh, but wait! There’s still the third song on the single – Samurai heart-侍魂- (Nu-JAPANESE-RAVE MIX) [Samurai heart-samurai tamashii-]. I don’t know why they didn’t include the remixes on singles sooner; I consider them a much better incentive than live versions of songs to buy singles, at any rate. (avex, there are better ways to promote buying concert DVDs. Releasing promotional videos of a concert performance for a particular song, like with Amuro Namie or m-flo, is one. Live versions of the song with no variation, no matter how much better they are with the added energy from a live performance, isn’t really another.)

Basically a remix of Samurai heart with more techno replacing the rock and guitars, I find it interesting that they chose this particular song for this particular single, since the Get CHU!/SHE no Jijitsu combo is almost a rehash of the Black&White single. A nice remix, though, right up there with the Hype Remix of Hallelujah or the SHAM-POO vs. HEAVEN’S WiRE mix of BLOOD on FIRE for me – that is, every bit as good, or maybe even better than the original. Surprisingly, this remix was done by Kosaka Daimaoh, the host of Thuriday Party. Looks like there’s another of his talents.

It’s a bit of a bad thing when a B-side (and a remix at that!) is better than the A-side(s), though. I’m hoping I get over this pretty-rejection kick soon or AAA releases something that has me warm back up to them fast (can’t be hard, they’re doing something every month so far anyways), because while this is a decent single, it’s also like rain on that aforementioned metaphorical cliff – not helping any.

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