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Like an (AAA-rated) dream?

Lately I’ve found myself even more amused by the complaints at Koda Kumi and AAA’s release streaks.

Except this isn’t the first time avex has done it.

Let’s take a look at classic girl group dream. Composed of three girls, (Matsumuro Mai, Hasebe Yu, and Tachibana Kana), they seem to be a staple of Japanese pop in the 21st Century. We won’t even touch its 8/7-member reincarnation for the moment.

They surfaced as the result of an audition at the beginning of 2000, as Eurobeat was at its peak and Komuro Tetsuya’s electronic rave music fad was beginning to die down. During the course of their 3-member career, they released 3 albums (4 if you count the best-of album) and 13 singles in 2-and-a-half years.

Yes, you read that right. 7 singles for their first album, 5 singles for their second, and then they cranked out one last one that was really just a track from their first album with different lyrics for Mai’s graduation. Complain that AAA’s sophomore album had 8 singles and 10 old songs out of 13, but it’s really not that far off from dream’s first album – 7 singles and 11 old songs out of 17. Then take into consideration that one of the new tracks is an interlude, so it’s only 5 new songs, and then looking at it as we can since it’s 6 years since the album was released, their last single was recut from the first album, the only major difference being the lyrics.

dream and AAA probably also had the same amount of training when they first debuted – decent vocals, decent dancing, though AAA was clearly much better off in the latter aspect.

So what makes AAA a reason to give up on avex, while 3-nin dream is heralded as one of the company’s golden ideas? Is it the extra members? The boy-and-girl concept? The amount of tracks on their singles (usually 2, only rarely and recently more)?

Actually, I’m not sure why I even started comparing them to AAA so heavily. This was just supposed to be a post letting you know dream-related posts were coming up and commenting on how fast dream came and went, though they had an average lifespan for a girl group. See how off-topic my mind gets?

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