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What? Please, there was no better title.

Oh, yes. I do realize I’m over two months late on this post. Actually, if possible, I didn’t want to even touch this topic until I got my package.

I finally got it. <3

So here’s a frank reminder (and a warning that the following will be picture-heavy)…

I don’t care about the pouch. (It does seem to be decent quality, though. Durable and easily-washable material, able to hold whatever I need, and there’s nice little mesh pocket inside the main zippered pocket.)

I don’t care about the music CD or its accompanying DVD. (And the booklet isn’t anything either – actually, it’s not even a booklet. It’s more of a folded poster. On posterboard-ish material.)

I don’t care about the packaging artwork (though it is nicely designed and lets you know exactly what’s in there while holding it relatively securely.)

All I want for Christmas summer is You the T-shirt. And I got my wish!

The front’s got its vintage-style heavily detailed design. Love the eagle, love the snakes, love the “crest” and its roses, love how AAA and T&C gets worked into it.

The back has a simpler version of the crest and also makes me happy. And of course, the sleeves with their AAA/T&C logos.

Was it worth $60? No. But that’s because I’m considering it as a “$60 T-shirt with free pouch and CD/DVD thrown in” – which it clearly is not. (For the record, it is also not “a $60 pouch with free T-shirt and CD/DVD thrown in”, nor is it (completely) “a $60 CD/DVD with free pouch and T-shirt thrown in”.) By themselves, the pouch would probably cost $5-12, the CD/DVD $25-30, and the T-shirt $15-30. I do consider the ridiculousness that is American inflation in this, and I totally disregard S&H costs. But who cares? I have my T-shirt and I’m happy.

Though the CD’s not all that bad, really. Three fan favorites from the ATTACK album (Taiyou, VIRGIN F, and Chikyuu ni Dakarete – two of which I definitely like myself), two summer-ish singles from the ALL album (HURRICANE LILI, BOSTON MARI and Shalala Kibou no Uta – both of which are okay with me), and one original song (Wonderful Life) that, while nothing special, isn’t a bad listen. (But also should not have been allowed to be the first track on the album. What were you thinking, avex? I’m going to fall asleep before I get to the other 5 and it had a much better place somewhere in the middle anyways.)

The DVD I don’t like as much – mostly because I’m not fond of the fuzzy filter and the sole video on it (for Wonderful Life) abuses it like Cinderella’s stepmother. Also because it was what nearly made me dislike the song to begin with. But since my laptop’s CD-DVD drive is stuck in Region 1, it’s not something I’ll have to worry about much.

I’m still not too fond of the pouch’s design, but that’s because hot pink and I made a nice little agreement a while ago that I would never go in public with it anywhere on my person and it would never make me look ridiculous. But it’s pretty minimal compared to the blackness of the pouch and the T&C yin-yang logo, and it holds my wallet and MP3 Player, and I think my Nintendo DS Lite too. Which is all I need when I go out – wait, what do you mean I’m supposed to carry more in case of emergencies? Well, it could probably hold a good First-Aid kit if I were so inclined, but then there’s no room for my wallet or my DS, or my music!

But none of that really matters since all I want is the T-shirt. I really can’t wait for my finals to finally end so I can start hanging out and wearing this T-shirt about. (And I may actually use the pouch, too.) I guess I’ll try and get a picture if I do.

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  1. KT
    May 21, 2007 at 4:37 pm

    I want that shirt. @_@

  2. May 21, 2007 at 8:32 pm

    Uwaah~! That shirt is niiice! >__

  1. May 21, 2007 at 6:01 am

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