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Not too big, not too small…

…but just right! Or so the scattered fans of AAA would (and are) say if they were Goldilocks.

AAA’s hit it on the head with their latest single 唇からロマンチカ [Kuchibiru kara ROMANTICA]/ That’s Right – a double A(AA)-side tied in with the drama Delicious Gakuin (which I have still yet to watch!).

Um, yes. I’ll stop with the corniness.

With this single, AAA continues their trend of contrasting double A-sides. Kuchibiru kara ROMANTICA is, as previously mentioned, a song that abuses brass instruments in all the right ways. The extra stanza of the song doesn’t do anything special for it, but as an Urata fangirl, I’m amused by his attempt to sound seductive in keeping with the song’s atmosphere. He actually sounds clearer than he normally does – and that’s considering his vocals here are more wispy than smoky. I want more than ever to see that particular section of the video, though.

The theme for this song is probably along the lines of adult problems, so in contrast, the other A-side becomes the theme for teenage rebellion! That’s Right! …oh, right, I said I’d stop. It might be because I’m technically still a teen (nineteen), but I vastly preferred the second A-side to the first, though they both have their good points. But let’s talk about the song.

Heading back towards pop-rock, That’s Right is more rock and more powerful than any other pop-rock song AAA’s done so far. Though that’s not saying much, it just means the electric guitars and the group’s vocals are being used properly. Urata and Nissy take the lead in this song (and Urata does much better with rock star than he does sexy), Misako does her backup vocal thing, and the group seem to have fun wailing “Oh oh oh” in the choruses. Well, so do I, because that part’s catchy. The music’s refreshing and powerful at once too, just in time for summer. Or at least it gives me the image of college students enjoying the summer – wait, that’s because I will be. And with this song on my MP3 Player as well.

My biggest problem with the song is just Misako’s two/three solo lines – she adapts to the attitude well enough without coming off as too whiny, but there’s too much of a pause between her vocals and the end of the chorus that comes before it. It’s not really her fault and it’s only 3 seconds without human noise, but it makes the song sound so empty. If (well, when) they perform this live, I’m hoping Urata has enough air to drag out that note until Misako starts.

And finally, the remix B-side. Well, I have problems with remixes in general, but this, Let it beat! (Aurum vs. Ovrar Mix), seems really hastily put together. The music has been edited and completely changed, but it sounds like essentially the same song thanks to the untouched vocals. I like the new music, really I do. It could be in Dance Dance Revolution and you’d never know the difference. But they could’ve done something with the vocal track – computerized it, stuttered it, cut-and-paste sections of it, anything.

But other than the remix B-side, this single’s a step up in quality for AAA, and was doing decently in the Oricon charts last I checked. (Never trust that line, I rarely check Oricon because the site hates my laptop and I’m most concerned about sales numbers.) With any luck, avex will keep it up for their next single in July. (Already? Whoa.)

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  1. May 26, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    I like the song That’s Right more as well.

  1. May 23, 2007 at 10:01 pm

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