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Otakon 2007: 夢のカケラのように [AAA Part 3/FINAL]

For the past three days I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this up without breaking into tears.

But perhaps it would be better if I explained it metaphorically.

The events of the first day might be compared to a 3-course dinner. The AAA concert being the appetizer, the autograph session being the main course, and chancing to see AAA themselves walking past and telling us good-bye a very special dessert.

Likewise, the events of the past three days would be the three meals of the day. The concert was that necessary and energizing breakfast. The Q&A was lunch, the meal that keeps a person going. And the last day was dinner, the most satisfying meal of the day. So satisfying that, as I’d later comment to those who were there (and had to put up with me, sorry!), I didn’t want to head back home.

Of course, I did. If I weren’t back home I wouldn’t be typing this. In fact, I’d probably have already been arrested and sent back here anyways for one reason or another. Whether it’d be soiling the lovely city of Baltimore as a fangirl of a bum or because I somehow snuck into AAA’s luggage. (Just kidding, I’d never do that. No, really. Wait, I can see it in your eyes. You don’t believe me, do you? DO YOU?)

Well, it’s understandable why you might not believe me when I say the last day was the most special of all – because the last day only had the one AAA-related event, an autograph session lasting an hour starting at 10:30AM.

But if you weren’t there or you know Otakon policies, you’re going to have to suspend any disbelief for this one (and Mr. Vowles, if you’re reading this post too, I’d like to ask your full apology if avex staff mentioned any sort of discomfort to Otakon staff members or the Otakon staff members themselves complained.), because while yes, like the title of this post says (literally “Like the pieces of a dream”), it was fantastic and it was all REAL.

Let’s backtrack a night earlier first, though, just to give you some insight into what some insane die-hard fans do the night before the last day meeting some of their favorite artists – or favorite artists, period. (And I think we’ve earned the right to call ourselves insane and die-hard. Icy and Ilan flew to Otakon from Vancouver for them – and Icy had attended 3rd ATTACK @ Budokan along with regularly commenting on Chiaki’s blog, learning the chorus dances to some of their songs, and even making handmade dolls for all of them based off the SUNSHINE video. (She’s amazing.) DaRon is one of the co-founders and administrators of the ATTACK’d ALL AROUND forum – without which this meetup would definitely have been impossible. (And which may have resulted in Icy not having taught as many, if any, the dance.) And me? I, uh, I’ve been supporting them since their debut. Yes. Since BLOOD on FIRE‘s music video aired on Japanese airwaves. I’ve got most of their songs memorized and can sing them by heart, and I’ve been avidly promoting and loving them since their debut. Not that it’s anything special and makes me sound stupidly elitist because I realize there are a bunch of people reading this who didn’t get into AAA until their attendance at Otakon was announced or even just a few months prior, but let me have my little ego-boosting qualifications. *shot many times over*)

Icy, Ilan, DaRon, and I stayed up until 3 AM. (When Icy woke us up 2 hours later, she hadn’t gotten any sleep at all.) We spent most of the time talking about what we would say to AAA (at one point I was asked to gauge reactions for Nissy) and what-if situations, but yes, there was about 15 minutes spent drilling the dance for Champagne Gold into DaRon and I. (DaRon’s much better at it than clumsy me, for the record.)

As stated above, Icy started preparing for the day at 5AM. I like my sleep, so I didn’t actually get up until 7 – but we were still early nonetheless and killed time in the lobby after checking out of the room by watching Icy and Ilan rehearse what they’d say to Nissy and Shin. DaRon and I left early and Icy and Ilan came a short while later with Paulina and her mother. While Icy and Ilan practiced dances some more, DaRon and Paulina amused themselves by watching them and I sat trying to remember what I had decided to tell Misako yesterday so I could say it to her today.

9AM came and went, the con doors opened, and we ran. Ran through the building to get to Room 350 from the Charles Street Lobby, ran hoping we could make it early enough. I have to say it’s a lot harder with luggage, even the rolling kind. (Actually, Icy and Ilan ran ahead first and then Paulina’s mother shooed me off after them. But it was still hard.)

We didn’t make it as early as we’d hoped, but we were at the end of the second row for AAA’s third and final autograph session and it was good enough. Leaving our luggage as placeholders, Icy and Ilan got up and started dancing to Champagne Gold once more, and this time had DaRon, Paulina, and I join in again. Then we were dragged along for Hallelujah and HURRICANE LILI, BOSTON MARI – and out of nowhere, the applause arrived. So Paulina’s mom got some girls to join us, and more came. (I eventually stepped out of the group of dancers because of my lack of coordination would’ve eventually caused me to bump into those much better at the dance and just settled for singing to make sure the music and beat was heard.)

We later moved by to the elevator so we wouldn’t block people walking past to the dealers’ room – and that’s when we had the brilliant idea to perform for AAA. I went and asked the staff managing the line if he could help us pass the request on to avex, and he asked for our help in condensing the line to allow more people.

Well, we did exactly that – Icy continued to dance while in line as we made some new friends out of more recent AAA fans (Hi if you’re reading this!), and all too quickly it was time for autographs. alohAAA! booklet in hand, luggage unceremoniously dumped by the merchandise table under the watchful eye of Paulina’s mom, having what felt like every single internal organ lodged in my throat, I joined the line of AAA fans nervously anticipating what I imagined would be my last time talking to the group for the weekend.

The autographs session started again from the right this time, but because I am unabashedly Amerika-jin, I will continue to list AAA in left-to-right order. So, Urata, Nissy, Chiaki, Shuuta, Hidaka, Shinjiro. Oh, and translating staff interspersed between. And normally I wouldn’t mention the staff, but it seemed this time I desperately required their interjection.

I’m sure you’ve noticed someone was missing from that list. No, not Yukari. Misako. Apparently she had prior commitments to attend to. Which was a damn shame. Shinjiro was first, next to the speakers blasting out “Q”, with a female translator standing between him and it. So while you might partially blame that for his inability to hear me, I think most of the blame goes to me. Because yes, dear readers, this intrepid fangirl went and asked Shin once more – Will you come to New York again someday? (Perhaps he was tired of the question. But it couldn’t hurt to ask!)

So between a bit of mumbling and lots of patience on the translator’s part, it got across, and Shin’s smile made everything right again. “Un, mata ikitai!” “Sono toki wo matteiru!” (I think poor Shin had a lot more to worry about from fans than mumbled Japanese from me though, if the merchandise table was any indication.)

I then slid the alohAAA! booklet over to Hidaka (as always, he went “Oh!” at the sight of merchandise not being sold at the convention and pointed it out to Shuuta) and told him “Dakkun wa saikou no MC to omotta!” – he looked perplexed for a moment, like “Who is this ‘Dakkun’?” before he realized it was yet another nickname and grinned. “Ohhh! Thank you!” (In English. YES. I don’t care how good Misako’s accent is, Hidaka made more of an attempt to speak in English and that puts him and his Waseda education higher in my ranking.) Admittedly it was a slight lie, because there are Japanese rappers I would rank higher than him (namely motsu of m.o.v.e), but as far as I’m concerned, he is an amazing MC in the “master of ceremonies” definition though he needs some work in the Japanese “rapper” definition.

Shuuta was a lot harder for me to speak to, because I really do love that boy. And you know what? I don’t care how much he sounded like a dying cat in HURRICANE LILI, BOSTON MARI [Original Long Version] – I still love his singing voice. (We just won’t talk about RiriMari so as to preserve our little relationship. ;D) So… “Shuuta no utagoe ga suki! Motto utatte koto hoshii~” (I guarantee you I agonized over it the night before and had to rope Icy into helping me out because my Japanese fails.)

…I also assure you the world is not ready to see the face of an embarrassed Shuuta. It. Is. Just. So. Cute. It makes brains explode.

Which would explain my brain fart with Chiaki. Oh maaaaan. “Aa, iitai koto ga wasurechatta!” “Sou? (laugh)” “Un! Tereya ni natta… (blush)” She smiled as she pushed my alohAAA! booklet over to Nissy. “Ii no~

Normally I take pride in looking like an Asian pretty boy (though I have an edge there because I’m female), but if you offered to make me look like Chiaki at that moment? I would’ve jumped at the chance so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. So gorgeous. And I felt so bad afterwards because I remembered and knew what I wanted to say to the guys and even Misako but suddenly died with her. Chiaki deserves better than that. (Which is what she got, seeing as who came after me in line.)

I do think that this little exchange may have influenced Shuuta/Urata to think I was male, though. (Nissy, if he thought so, didn’t care. Whatsoever.)

Moving on. Nissy is a narcissist. He along with Shin, in fact. If any of you AAA fans (new or old) reading this didn’t know that – now you do. So it’s no surprise that he took one look at his alohAAA! picture and laughed at it to a not-busy Urata. “Aa! Hen na kao!” They had a good laugh but both listened surprisingly attentively when I said to Nissy that I liked his smile. “Mita toki ni, atashi mo genki ni naru!” And his smile was in brilliant form that day.

Urata looked a bit envious, so I took a chance. “Tabun oboeteinai kedo… Kinyoubi de ‘TORI-E no naka de Urata-san ga ichiban daisuki’ tte itta FAN desu,” I stammered out. Urata is by nature the most distant of the AAA members, so I really didn’t expect him to remember me. And of course… he didn’t. D:

But his look of pleasant surprise was nice to see all over again nonetheless, and I thanked them as I headed back to the merchandise table where – surprise! The merchandise man did remember me. “Oh, hey, it’s you. Back for more?” This time I snatched up both sets of Hidaka’s cards, and one of everyone else’s that I hadn’t gotten yet (Nissy, Misako, Shin, Chiaki) and the group one, to the seller’s great amusement.

It hurt me so badly to see that both of Shuuta and Urata’s sets were still up for sale. My boys don’t get enough love – and Shuuta’s pretty enough to be prettier than Nissy and Shin combined if the No End Summer PV is any indication, so that’s no excuse. Both of Hidaka and Chiaki’s sets were still on sale, but Misako’s second set had just sold out (and I felt odd having both of Chiaki’s sets without both of Misako’s) and I wasn’t even going to ask about Nissy and Shin.

At this point Icy and I began talking dejectedly about the possibility that we wouldn’t be able to perform for AAA – and the poor Otakon staff member standing nearby got involved quite a bit, especially after Paulina’s mom jumped in. At this point, Kim, one of the girls dancing Champagne Gold with us earlier (I do believe she’s the one with pink hair above me), came back and squealed that she had hugged Nissy.

…that did it. (We love you Kim, especially for opening the opportunity and more so for informing us, but you know.) We had to go back. As I was wondering aloud if we should go out and wait in the line outside to allow the others a chance, the Otakon staff member, sounding very weary, went “Go ahead. Just sneak in line.” (The underlying message most likely being “Please leave me alone, I’ll ask about your performance already, man you guys are NUTS.”) Not only do I think we could ever thank him enough…

We are officially insane. ;D

We did – and this time I lamented that I left my November 2006 issue of JUNON (the one that compares them from their debut to them as of 3rd ATTACK with lovely-sized pictures of them and my favorite interview question ever – “If you were in Sazae-san‘s family, who would you be?”), so I took my ATTACK booklet (with AAA in the shiny plastic/pleather black-and-white outfits), which I originally hadn’t planned on getting signed.

While waiting in line, I noticed Urata was open (and looking over impatiently at Nissy signing) and called to him and waved. (My first fangirl act of the day, maybe at the con, or my life, period. I never actually fulfilled the “girl” part of “fangirl” prior to this day despite identifying as one.) I have the sneaking suspicion that he mistook me for a feminine male given the clothes I was wearing, because he waved at me but somewhat uneasily. Shuuta also waved at me when I managed to catch his attention, more enthusiastically. (I was tempted to call to Hidaka, but Urata and Shuuta are my top two favorite members (even with AAA toppling all others on my favorite artists list) and stay soundly there.)

Amusing event during the line: Icy was ecstatic about the chance to hug Nissy and Chiaki (though more than slightly disappointed that she would not be the first) and I was trying to console her by saying she’d still get a chance to hug them. And then I looked up and saw Urata giving someone a hug and let out a whimper of my own. (Icy was more than amused especially when I saw it happen (and reacted similarily) a second time after waving to Shuuta – “Now you know how I feel.” Yes I do, Icy.)

Aa, mata kita!” declared Shin amusedly upon seeing me. Hidaka appeared amused too, though this time I posed the “Itsuka New York ni kimasen ka?” question to him. “Oh, zehi!” AAA, このキミツはあの時をまっています! (It should be noted that I am partially kicking myself right now for not asking him what he raps in Hallelujah/Let it beat!/SOUL EDGE BOY and how he remembers it.)

Seeing Shuuta, I couldn’t resist. “HUG shite mo ii?” He gave me the most confused look I had seen yet with an “Eh?”, so I repeated myself. I don’t think he was expecting to be asked for a hug – Shin and Nissy and even my beloved Urata are different things, between being established pretty boys (Shin) and having lead vocals (Urata) or all of the above (Nissy), but there it was. I asked him for a hug.

While yes, I have showered since then (please give me some credit), I sincerely wished I could’ve burned that into my body. It made him happy (he grinned at me afterwards), it made me happy, and it was body contact. Not ero-body contact, but you know what I mean. (Oh man, if it were of the ero kind I’d be dead from joy. And this post wouldn’t be here. …though perhaps that’s a good thing considering what comes up later.)

Chiaki remembered me and gave me an encouraging smile. I somehow managed to stammer out a “Kyou no Chiaki wa totemo kirei!” as she finished signing my ATTACK fold-out booklet and handed it back to me. “Arigatou~

Nissy and Urata (who always seems to have free time – why? Stop voyeuring on Nissy and his interactions with fans! I mean, yes, I enjoy being able to “talk” with you both at once, but still…) also recognized me and laughed about it. “Mata ka?” And while Nissy was signing, I looked straight at Urata and asked “Konkai, HUG shite mo ii desu ka?” (I still have no idea why I revert straight to polite with Urata when normally I use informal tenses with abandon. In high school I nearly aced my Japanese Regents until I used the informal tense a bit much during the oral section, and yet, with Urata…) He gave a me a big smile, “Un, ii yo.

…and then Nissy looked up mid-signing and had a semi-pout on his face. (No joke.) So I hastily added a “Futari,” and Nissy smiled again with his own “Hai!” and went back to signing. (I know, I know. I’m so weak. Urata only laughed; thank you for not saying anything about it, my beloved Uratan.)

Nissy passed the booklet over to Urata and got up to hug me, laughing about it as well. It’s a really pleasant laugh, but even more so when right next to one’s ear. Urata finished his own signature and stood up to hug, and I did what was my second fangirl-ish act of the day.

I squealed.

I never knew I could squeal before this.

But apparently I can, and I unexpectedly let out a “Chou ureshii~!” against his shoulder as he hugged me (Urata, at 5’6″, is the perfect height for hugging. Well, for someone 5’2″ like me.), and got to hear his laugh up close too. It was nervous, amused, happy, and kind – and any thoughts of “Man, I totally didn’t make the Seki Tomokazu autograph session” flew right out the window. (But that’s another post, and yes, I do own Seki’s first two albums that were just waiting for him to be signed.) Along with all coherence altogether.

As he let go and I fumbled to get my ATTACK booklet from the table, I told him “Zehi, itsuka nihon e ikitai! TORI-E no minna-san no ATTACK ga mitai! Kyou wa hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!” and bowed – to which he laughed and thanked me.

And then my third fangirl act of the day surfaced. Heading back to reclaim my luggage, I was somewhere on the verge of hyperventilating in my excitement and being utterly depressed that this may have been the last I’d see of them in person. So I let out the emotional stress the way most are wont to do.

I cried. It wasn’t much. I had it under control. But the fact that I leaked out a few tears about a hug still says something about me, I think. (Good, bad, your choice.)

But no, that wasn’t enough. We were ushered out of the room (and rightfully so) by the Otakon staff (with the assurance that yes, we would get to perform for AAA after the autograph session), and there the CG dance group took one picture after another, for which we chorused things like “TORI-E!” and “HARIMARI!” and even “Eggplant!” (Yes, eggplant. Paulina’s mother’s idea. Don’t ask.) The former was done especially loudly and got a bunch of attention, but not nearly as much as we did when we went back to dancing. Again.

Surprise surprise, this time the avex staff actually came out to film us as we practiced. I wouldn’t be able to give you the estimate of how many people in the group began freaking out over that – but we did keep eyes on the constantly shrinking line of fans waiting for autographs.

Then we were called in. Paulina’s mom and avex staff roped in a bunch of other AAA fans who happened to be conveniently passing by to join in, though without the requirement that they dance, but just to watch. We dropped our bags in a corner, tried to figure out who would stand where and what (to the girl I asked to switch with me so I could stand in front of Urata – I don’t believe I ever got your name – thank you. A lot.) were introduced by the staff translators as fans who wanted to dance for them, and AAA, standing in their places behind the table, previously mildly interested and mostly tired, now had very interested and highly bemused looks on their faces.

I am now going to respectfully ask that if you are a Nissy (Nishijima Takahiro) fan, that you please refrain from reading the following batch of paragraphs unless you agree to not post any hateful comments, send hate mail, etc. What happened was an act of chance, and while I’m sure you’d love to have been there doing it – I’d love for you to have been there too, really, the more the better! – I honestly don’t feel it deserves hate of any sort. If it hadn’t been me, someone probably would’ve done it. I just happened to be the one lacking all sort of dignity to do it.

We managed to communicate across that we wanted to do the dance to Champagne Gold – and that was where the problem hit. After that, we were supposed to emphasize that we were dancing to the final sets of choruses. But it didn’t matter whether we said it in English or in Japanese (“Saigo no chorus kara“), the staff didn’t hear.

I called out to Nissy, who conveniently was standing near-directly ahead of me from my position in the 2nd row (we had about 3 rows of 4 dancers each, and then 2 squeezed in somewhere) because he’d been next to Urata. “Nissy! Nissy!” As soon as I had his attention, I performed what may well be one of the most embarrassing acts of my life. “Kore desu!” (I meant to say “Kore kara!“, but could you blame me?), I said, and performed the pelvic thrust part of the dance that finishes off the guitar instrumental prior to the last set of chorus lines. Aimed right at him.

So, rewind. Never seen Champagne Gold live before? Watch it now. Just so you have an idea of what I was doing (but much more clumsily).

Got it? Good.

…Nissy broke up into laughter.

…Hidaka (or Shuuta) imitated me for the benefit of the AAA members who had missed it.

…and AAA apparently decided by consensus, with Shuuta as their spokesperson – “Mou ichido!” (One more time!)

I could’ve died.

To be fair, the only reason I called specifically to Nissy was because he was the one the camera focused on in the 3rd ATTACK @ Budokan performance. All the members do it, but there are no [insert member] angles for that particular song, the only one we ever really see is Nissy (and in the background, Yukari finishing off that particular move – but there was no Yukari around.); especially as the 4th ATTACK DVD wasn’t released until the 18th – the day right before I left for Otakon.

I protested. “Hazukashii!” And then did it again anyways, even more sloppily than I had the first time, for the view of AAA, avex staff, Otakon staff, my dancers-in-crime, and bystanders alike.

This time, all of AAA laughed.

I swore inwardly I would never be the awkward icebreaker for anyone other than AAA ever again. (I told my non-AAA fan of a friend who put up with me on the way home that there were a lot of things I’d do for AAA. Chalk that up for the list. Both pelvic thrusting and being an awkward icebreaker.)


It got the job done, though, and Nissy and Urata began directing the staff to speed up to the point in the song that we were aiming for. (Nissy even recreated that part of the dance – much more faithfully than I did, of course.) We stood there awkwardly for about a minute, watching Nissy do rapid hand-movements in time with the fast-forwarded music, and I sang along to myself to try and regain some composure.

Then it started (just after the pelvic thrust – clearly avex didn’t want it to be a repeated thing though I’d been the only one to even bother attempting the move in the group), Icy asked them to dance with us, and we began. Spot on, no crashing into those surrounding you, and AAA sang along with themselves watching us. (Nissy did the hand movements encouragingly from where he stood, because he’d been the one making okay signals when Icy asked her question.)

Until we hit the refrain, and everyone simultaneously chanted the line that Icy and I (and Urata in the 3rd ATTACK live) had used to teach some of the hand movements in the refrain. “MAI HAATO ICHI NI!

All of a sudden, it was AAA’s turn to clap and cheer wildly. Nissy and Hidaka ran out from behind the table to join us, there, on the floor, in dancing – and Shuuta didn’t even bother to run around, just leaped over the table to join us. They ran about the fan-dancers, skipping between rows and winding through them doing the hand movements all the while. (Urata, Chiaki, and Shin eventually came out from behind the table to dance in front of the table as well, and though nowhere near the level of Shuuta/Hidaka/Nissy, Chiaki was wonderfully enthusiastic from her position.)

A few began to fumble from the amazement of it all (self included), and Hidaka/Nissy/Shuuta called out instructions as they threaded through the dancers. “CLAP! CLAP! MAI HAATO ICHI NI!” At one point Hidaka stood in front of me to my right – I wanted to reach out and tap him on the shoulder and just dance with him. It continued all the way to the end of the song – we had dancing coaches/cheerleaders in the three enthusiastic guys dancing about us (“POOZU! POOZU! O-DO-RE! POOZU! POOZU! SAIGO DE!“), and as we took the final bow at the end of the song, they cheered and clapped for us some more.

And hugs were being given, Hidaka and Shin ran around tossing up their hands for high-fives. I headed straight for Urata and this time the hug was less nervous than before. And then Hidaka popped up near me and offered me a high-five (which he willingly agreed to turn into a hug after I asked), and I turned and saw Chiaki, smiling sweetly and happily as she’d been every time I’d seen her this weekend and just had to ask her for a hug too. (She is an amazing hugger and I need to attend whatever school of hugging she does.) Shin offered DaRon a high-five and I accidentally thought it was for me and got in between (sorry!) – and after that I was too shy to ask him for a hug.

Then we were told to gather together for a picture of us with AAA (which Paulina’s mom kept bugging the avex staff for) to put on the official site, and while at first AAA made to stand behind us (especially Urata), avex told them to kneel on the floor and have us gather about them. I looked wildly for Urata to stand by him as I heard Icy nearby calling for Nissy to come to where we stood, and felt my hopes dashed when I noticed him at the other side of the crowd.

And then I looked down and saw Shuuta, kneeling and ready and waiting and barely restrained any urge to throw my arms about him. (Nissy, clearly, ended up going where Icy called as Hidaka slid smoothly into position between him and Chiaki – Icy says she’d die of glee if Hidaka and Nissy had switched so Nissy and Chiaki had been right by each other, my retort is that I’d die of glee if Hidaka had switch places with Nissy so I could be by him and Shuuta.)

People crammed in as we were all squeezed into the picture, and the staff told us to pick something to say.

Nissy: PEACE!
Icy: TORI-E!
Group: *goes along with Icy*
Non Picture-Taking Staff: *cracks up*

And the second time around we went with Nissy. “PEACE!”

With much thanks to kendoyuki@LJ and Paulina… the two frontal group pictures of AAA that I do have. (I do indeed know that there is a 3/4 view of the first picture floating about the Internets, courtesy of CyberBird, but frontal is better for the purposes of this post. What others there are/may be are all copyright avex, along with the video of us dancing.) Click the picture to see the bigger version – I wish my Photoshop skills were this good. ;D

From Paulina’s camera. I’m not too fond of this one for various reasons – one (and most importantly for ego purposes), I look odd. Yes, that would be me in the blue between Shuuta and Nissy with her eyes closed. Speaking of which, two – Shuuta isn’t being very Shuuta-ish.

From kendoyuki, and the one I prefer simply because I look okay and both Hidaka and Shuuta are being Hidaka and Shuuta-ish. Yes, I am silly like that.

There was a lot of bowing and “Arigatou gozaimasu!” as we were herded out of the room. And once outside, I cried. I don’t know. I probably didn’t deserve to cry nearly as much as some of the others did. I was insanely lucky at Otakon – lucky to see them leave that first night, lucky to be rooming with Icy who we needed to learn that dance, lucky that avex was feeling undeniably nice, lucky to be where I was for what I was at (especially in the photographs above), lucky that I even managed to communicate with them at all despite my Japanese being rusty from several years of little usage.

But I cried and I couldn’t stop even as I tried to write all this down for you, dear reader, and cried “wee wee wee” all the way home too. (I’m very sorry to those of you who had to put up with me and see me crying and especially if that got you down.) They weren’t supposed to be tears of sadness – those didn’t really flow until after I had arrived back in New York – but tears of release, tears of joy, tears of almost everything and anything. This was almost literally the climax of my fandom for them, after nearly 2 years of constant support.

I cried until my face was red. (Very unbecoming with my mostly-blue outfit, haha.) I cried for the past week just thinking about this past weekend, and I’m tearing up even now.

When I titled that AAA at Otakon announcement post “How many chances like this come in a lifetime?”, I had no idea how appropriate it would be. And while at the rate I was going, it was bound to happen… it’s official – AAA has a fan in me for life. (Hey, look, how many people get to say “I’ve been a fan from their debut to their disbanding, and got a picture with them too!” – though I certainly hope they won’t disband for a good while yet.)

Without a doubt, it’s thanks to all the fans who were there, thanks to DaRon/Icy/Ilan/Paulina and her super mom, thanks to Otakon staff, and thanks to avex and especially AAA themselves. There are just not enough words for how awesome this weekend was for me, I certainly hope for AAA as well, and without those in attendance it definitely wouldn’t have been possible.

Now someone shoot me before I start impersonating official staff.

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  1. Eunsun
    July 27, 2007 at 6:59 am

    I personally felt bad for AAA because of how obnoxious Icy and her group was. I remember standing a few people away during the first signing on Friday and cringing when she demanded they wish her a happy birthday.

  2. icy
    July 27, 2007 at 7:14 am

    not that they weren’t flowing ALL ALONG….
    but its just making me cry harder now…….
    I can’t stop my tears and I can’t stop thinking about it……
    I miss them SO MUCH. :*[

  3. July 27, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    Holy cow!

    Good things really do come to those who wait. What an amazing story. Congratulations!

    July 27, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    Dude, everything you did? It all sounded awesome.

    But seriously, you were really lucky that everything fell into place the way it did. There are so many things that could have gone wrong. (For example, the avex staff royal boot, irate fans attacking, zero interest from AAA.)

  5. CyberBird
    July 27, 2007 at 3:18 pm

    Haha, I wouldn’t worry too much about flames from Nissy fans. I think your act was pretty comical, actually, and I’m sure I would have chuckled if I was in there and saw you do it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t, and I didn’t even see the clip of him doing that move until after I came back from Otakon.

    Once again, thank you so much for such a wonderfuly written report, and a third group picture to add to my collection. ^^

  6. July 27, 2007 at 7:55 pm

    Teheheh I am proud to say that I was THE FIRST to get a hug from any of the members (Nissy), on Friday night!! =DDDDDDDDDDDDDD *still flailing over that*

    Btw I didn’t find your little story there angering at all! I thought it was really cute and funny! xD Haha, I don’t see why people should get angry over that xD It’s not like you had run up to him and kissed him or something xDD

    Aww I am sad though that I didn’t get to see you do the pelvic thrust LOL xD I think since I was all the way in the back (and freaking out because I was in the room at all), I didn’t notice it xD But I was soo happy when Nissy went around going “Clap! Clap! Mai haato ichi ni!” because FINALLY I was doing something along with you guys, instead of just standing in the back grinning like a complete idiot >.<;;

    Btw you are SUCH a good writer! Your reports are really great and so detailed, which I love<3

  7. July 28, 2007 at 6:58 am

    *gives Kimi heartful pats on the shoulder*


  8. July 28, 2007 at 6:59 am

    *heartful’s not a word but that’s the only way i can express my pats for you. XD

  9. Tammy
    July 28, 2007 at 9:06 am

    Haha… so that’s what AAA were laughing about. I couldn’t see you very clearly from the back so I had no idea what was so funny. But lol, you…of all people… doing that…hahaha XD. What a riot.

    I’ve read through all your blogs. Glad to see you have such a nice writing style and all. It was a very good read even though I’ve been with you on most of the trip… till that 3rd day. xD

    I’m so happy you had such a good time too. This will definitely be one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. =)

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