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I’m feeling more like Yakitori myself…

Show of hands, who remembers the TERIYAKI BOYZ?

Sure, they’re not that old, but it never hurts to cover your bases.

Normally I don’t post news here – the last news I posted was of AAA’s appearance at Otakon and… everything else gets worked into a review. But since word about this isn’t really being spread anyways…

The TERIYAKI BOYZ will be making an appearance and performing at the New York-Tokyo Music Festival on September 22. Yeah, all five of them. There’s also a DJ with the working title of DJ UPPERCUT, who I’ve never heard of but is apparently big in Japan. (Clearly I should expand my interests to reflect the club scene as well.)

Do check out the official New York-Tokyo Music Festival homepage here.

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  1. aibublog
    September 16, 2007 at 6:27 pm

    Fun fact: the Teriyaki Boyz was a group created by fashion designer Nigo (who’s the Boyz’s DJ) to show off his “A Bathing Ape” clothes line.

    It’s weird though, DJ UPPERCUT is being backed by Rosco P. Coldchain, a member of Clipse’s Re-Up Gang who’s neither from Tokyo nor New York…

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