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Feel like taking a vacation?

One of my major faults is that I am easily distracted from my work. It’s really not funny anymore. I mean, I can be two seconds into an English paper, and then before I’ve realized, I’m off to get a snack. With only the first letter of my name typed.

Not just homework, though, when I use the term “work”, it encompasses many things. Reading. Studying. Filling out oh-so-important applications. Cleaning and house chores. Making food (oh, the times I’ve run off with a boiling pot on the stove). Even preparing to go places. (I can be distracted while changing clothes. Shut up. It’s not that funny.) Or say, the work of getting into a certain Johnny’s group fandom. [insert many coughs]

Of course, every so often, it works out to my credit. Though I also have kurisuti of Kagayakitai.com to thank here.

Sweet Vacation is a duo composed of adorable vocalist May and he-who-does-everything-else Hayakawa Daichi. If this reminds you of any of Nakata Yasutaka’s projects (COLTEMOHNIKA, capsule), you’d be on the right track. Sweet Vacation’s sound also happens to lie securely in the Shibuya-kei range, though a lot cuter and reminiscent of Perfume. Basically, if you like that, get your ears over to this group already.

Unlike most artists I stick with the “New Artist” tag on this blog, this group actually is new, having just been formed this past year. May, other than being almost unbearably cute both vocally and physically, has a pretty decent grasp of English; and Daichi throws in his own vocals as backup in the choruses every so often, making for a rather nice combination.

Their first official album hits stores November 21st, but their digital single Summer Day (Ver.0) is currently available for download here.
In the meanwhile, you can find a number of video clips of them performing live at YouTube user fukuryu’s page, listen to samples of their tracks at their official MySpace, or stream I Feel So Good from here.

Summer is a long way off, and the days until Winter Break couldn’t seem any longer. But in the meanwhile, there’s Sweet Vacation to lead me trough the drudgery of my “work”. (Hey, what’s this shirt doing half-off? I was wondering why I felt cold…)

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