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BRE∀K DOWN! becomes a Breakup?

Slightly old news – actually, because it’s news, why is it on here?

BeForU has pretty much broken up.

According to this post on Riyu’s blog:

Arisawa Miharu, as of 2007/12/12, is retiring from BeForU due to bad health.
Komatsu Yoma, also as of 2007/12/12, is retiring from BeForU, for personal reasons
Noria will be graduating from BeForU at the concert at Yokohama Arena (2007/12/30) to further her solo career.
Sotohana Lisa will also be graduating from BeForU at the Yokohama Arena concert (2007/12/30) to begin a solo career.

Miharu and Yoma will not be appearing at the Yokohama Arena live; the Riyu-Noria concert on 2007/12/29 will still be going on. There is no announcement as to what will happen with Kosaka Riyu and Minami Sayaka, but since both have their own careers (Riyu solo and Sayaka as a duo with her sister in 秋桜 [Cosmos]), they may continue with those projects.

This is rather interesting for me. As a passing fan of BeForU (I like their music, think the girls themselves are rather talented, but haven’t actually gotten to know them individually), I’m interested to see where their solo paths takes them. Riyu has always been the one the spotlight shines on, even back in their 4-nin days, though to be fair she’s written a lot of the group’s lyrics and has built up the idol atmosphere around her quite well. Noria, while also singing solo, hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as Riyu, and frankly, I didn’t even know Sayaka had a side project until I looked her up on Wikipedia.

I’m especially curious as to why the four girls apparently remaining in the business couldn’t have produced their solo careers using their own label, Be+Wings, but with the exception of Lisa, all the girls are in their 20s. Yoma’s in her 30s, even. It’s understandable why they’d like to shed the idol image that BeForU clearly has, because it isn’t doing wonders for them.

Here’s to the best for all 6 girls, whatever they do with their lives from now on.

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  1. December 15, 2007 at 6:49 am

    The more I see and hear of what BeForU’s body of work, the more tragic a loss this is becoming, not only for J-pop but for music in general. I wish the girls the best; hopefully, the name won’t completely go away, and maybe the band can be reunited some day soon.


  1. December 15, 2007 at 6:01 am

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