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Kimi will self-destruct in 4…

…this took way too long. Now I remember why I never tried to make a post on Kouhaku last year.

In light of the New Year, and the sudden turn my listening habits took for the few months prior to the New Year, I decided to switch up my Year-End programming and do what would’ve been unthinkable just a year ago.

Rather than Kouhaku Utagassen, I went for the Johnny’s Countdown.

This really isn’t a big deal, not like being a diehard Ayu fan but ignoring her own Countdown in favor of watching… I dunno, an Amuro Namie concert on DVD. But though I have a general knowledge of the pretty boy jimusho, the only Johnny’s groups whose songs I know are KinKi Kids, Arashi, and NEWS – and Arashi’s only up to their One album (from Happiness going backwards in their discography, of course) while KinKi is more of a “barely know”.

And so I can only blame my watching this on the fact that Arashi was hosting this year (the 10th anniversary, apparently). Readers take note – when I find a new obsession, I fall into it deeply (this is amusing in contrast to my normal lack of attention towards everything else). Please refrain from recommending things to me unless you’re a bitch like Raid (and will put up with my griping for months on end) or willing to take responsibility for my sudden lack of a life.

In the meanwhile, thanks to the countdown, Johnny’s has pretty much completely won me over. Raid’s never going to be forgiven for this.

The Countdown takes place in Tokyo Dome – to my immense amusement, they took over it soon after KinKi Kids finished their We are Φn’39!! and U? concert, and so the Dome stage was still set up in the shape of Φ. Seeing the different uchiwas being waved by the audience was rather amusing too – I spotted a Kame, a Sho, and a 井 that I can only assume was meant for Inohara of V6 – how many of the audience stayed from the KinKi Koncert, and how many uchiwas did they bring with them?

As hosts, Arashi opened up with the announcing yell in these bumblebee-inspired outfits. The countdown’s starting, it’s the 10th anniversary, everyone get fired up! Yeah. You know, obligatory crowd-raiser. I just want to know what those furry black things attached to the yellow jackets of everyone but Sho and Ohno (who has feathers) are, and what customs agent let it through.

Then KinKi Kids pop up in the center and start a round of their debut single, Garasu no Shounen, to kick off the group introduction medley. I’m not sure if this is par for the course or because the guys are celebrating their own 10th year together, but they perform before the hosts do. I’m surprised they managed because they were looking tired, but minimal dance movements helped, I guess.

KinKi is looking snappy, though their jackets are looking like shiny patchwork quilt versions of a bandmaster’s jacket and a sleazy Vegas suit. I chalk it up to Tsuyoshi’s hat charms and Koichi’s ability to ooze sex while acting like a dork. The men make anything look classy.

Some gratuitous shots because I love Koichi.

Koichi introduces Arashi as this year’s hosts, who promptly run through with Happiness… And Nino turns back to look at himself on the big screen to preen. “Are you sure this doesn’t make my butt look fat?”

Jun was wearing his glasses in the first half of the show – if it wasn’t obvious before, it is now. To be honest, he looked surprisingly decent in them despite the fact that they’re the dorkiest glasses I’ve seen, this shot is just because I can. Much as I like Arashi and accept that it needs all 5 members to be Arashi and even don’t want to punch Jun as much anymore… the Jun hate hasn’t completely dissolved yet. MWAHAHAHA.

The screen announced NEWS before Sho was even done greeting the audience. And have another shot of Arashi’s outfits. Jun’s wearing a skirt, Aiba has a boa made of that furry black thing, Nino’s crossdressed multiple times, and so have Ohno and Sho. Is their masculinity in question? What masculinity are we talking about?

NEWS entered to the chorus of Hoshi wo Mezashite, dressed in… sparkly red grandma robes lined with grey fur. Okaaaaaaaaay. Even youthful exuberance and charm can’t save them from that one. Also, if you thought Massu’s yellow pant legs peeking out from underneath the overcoat were rubber boots, you’re not alone.

Then comes TOKIO in sleek black suits (the classiest they’ll be dressed all evening) to the sound of Honjitsu, Mijikumono. (Which has a very dramatic chorus from what little I heard here. I like.) Taichi puts everyone who ever thought they were camwhores to shame. You see him in the white hat staring at the camera while everyone else in TOKIO has their backs to it? Apparently the camera and he have some unfinished business. Along with all of its extended family. HE’S WATCHING YOU.

Also in sleek black suits (but with peacock feathers), V6 and HONEY BEAT. To be honest, most V6 songs that played during the countdown had me laughing because of how upbeat they were. This one is not the exception (and with a name like HONEY BEAT, how you could expect it to be is beyond me.) I mean, c’mon, they skipped onstage.

Unfortunately, Tackey & Tsubasa felt the need to be tacky. Shoot me later. When they walk out in those gaudy pink jackets doing the hand motions to x~DAME~, though, I think I’m justified. At least they showed their faces for the camera. (I have no reaction to Tsubasa’s hair because I’m not a TxT fan and I’m partial to fuzzy heads.) Also, I don’t think I could listen to x~DAME~ without wanting to shoot someone in the head – and all I’ve heard is the chorus that they sang walking out.

KAT-TUN weren’t special enough to get shiny outfits with suit jackets and are stuck with their costumes from Keep the faith. The song they walked out singing, though, was the nondescript Yorokobi no Uta – I really can’t remember what it sounds like, but it probably wasn’t worth remembering. Jin’s shirt is an obligatory WTF (and he walks like a woman – just to point it out), and Ueda’s shirt looks a lot better from the front than it does from behind. I’d be more appreciative of Kame’s punk cowboy style if that shirt weren’t so oversized and didn’t look like it was chewed by a pack of starving dogs before he put it on. Random amusement – Ryo could be seen walking past KAT-TUN to join his mothership of aliens…

Kanjani8. ∞, infinity mark. Whatever. It’s funny to see Ryo’s sparkly red NEWS grandma robe against K8’s awesome white/black overcoats. I want those overcoats. Everyone else’s outfits could learn a thing or two from them. Um, yeah, they walk out singing It’s My Soul, Yasuda Shota attempts to overthrow Taichi’s position on the camwhoring throne (and fails), and I have mentioned I really want those overcoats? Pity about the suits underneath, but we’ll get to those when the time comes.

A quick MC (at this point it was 10 minutes to the new year), some duo love (KinKi does fond glances, but TxT are just utter dorks), a talk with KinKi (well, Koichi) about their concert and the stage and how it’s made so that no one person in the audience wll be neglected because of the full 360-degrees being used, the younger/newer groups slip backstage to prepare for the coming performance, and Arashi wants everyone to enjoy the night and oh, since this is the 10th anniversary so they’ll be doing a medley of songs from the past 10 years…

Okay, so at this point I stopped paying attention to what Sho was saying because the camera decided to focus on Tsuyoshi grooving to some mental melody with Inohara(? I think it was Inohara, at least.) from V6. That was adorable. (Apparently Ohno was announcing the special groups that would also make an appearance and Aiba/Nino were talking about the special guest/unit and a new song. Bah. Tsuyoshi/Inohara dancing was more interesting.) Throughout all this, Taichi is going for the camera. Wait, that’s not descriptive enough. But know that if I ever need a reason to watch future Johnny’s countdowns (at least, while TOKIO’s still around), I have one – to see how Taichi next chooses to attack the cameras. And then the introduction of the 2007 Johnny’s Best Hit Medley, starting with…

KAT-TUN and their latest single, Keep the faith. One of my biggest concerns about watching Yukan Club was the fact that KAT-TUN performed its theme song and so it’d be running rampant. It happened, the song grew on me before I even really listened to it, and I rather like it. Shock/gasp/horror. Thankfully, I’m distracted by my annoyance towards Nakamaru’s insistent shoving-hands-at-camera motions and the ridiculous attempts at being punk for their outfits this single, so I think I probably won’t be making a descending into KAT-TUN fandom post. For now. GO CHANGE ALREADY, YOU LOOK LIKE IDIOTS BEING UNMATCHING CASUAL PUNK WHILE EVERYONE ELSE IS IN CONCERT CLOTHES OR SUITS. Also, I took great amusement in seeing Jin screw up his steps (what steps, Morning Musume could’ve performed that) to bend down to pick up the sunglasses that dropped from Junno’s outfit – I didn’t even realize they were there until they fell (and apparently Junno didn’t realize they fell) and I saw Jin bend down to pick them up. Why do you even have those if you’re not wearing it, especially anywhere visible? They fell from his hips/waist. Where he was hanging them from, I don’t want to know.

Along comes Tackey & Tsubasa with SAMURAI on individual moving platforms (double-decker carts, really) – and they’re still wearing the glittery pink jackets. (I’d be happier with the jackets if they weren’t pink.) I think the highlight of this was seeing Kanjani8 and NEWS writhe like packed live sardines in a can in the lower level of the carts (Tsubasa’s and Tackey’s respectively), for me at least. Oh, and the song wasn’t bad either.

Things slowed down pretty quickly when V6’s way of life started. (But THERE’s a boyband ballad I can get behind. None of the ridiculous Lite.FM stuff.) For some reason, my mind kept drawing parallels to SMAP. But they’re looking pretty good for people in (and nearing) their 30’s.

Kanjani8 brought things back up again with ZUKKOKE Otokomichi. I, uh, only know one song by them, really – Osaka Obachan Rock – but this was interesting, what with 7 of them (because Ryo came along for the ride too) and a cameraman crowded onto the top level of the cart and pushing for screentime. And the fact that they spent more time crowd-raising than singing (but I’d like to play Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan to this song sometime). Oh, and Ryo donned the awesome K8 jacket. It’s funny how K8 and NEWS will probably be stuck together forever in Countdown because of Ryo (and back then, Uchi), and it happened here, too. Shots of 5-nin NEWS dancing along slipped in for the camera.

It might’ve been more appealing if my sister hadn’t kept screaming into my ear for Yoko(yama Yuu) to kick away everyone but Ryo from the camera. This would have been tolerable had she not kept referring to them by their character names from dramas (Seishiro of Yukan Club and Shota of Attention Please! respectively.) Ladies and gentlemen… my sister. You’d think she’d get to know the members of K8 (or their names) a bit better after I gave her that issue of Myojo, too, but apparently she’s glued to Hey! Say! JUMP’s many pages in that particular issue.

Speaking of which – Hey! Say! Guess who came flipping onstage? OVER NINE THOUSAND bonus points if you imitate my reaction, minus 10,000 if you laugh at my pain. The 10 pedobait boys (because as far as I’m currently concerned, if you’re born in the 90’s, you’re pedobait even if you’re 17) of Hey! Say! JUMP were dressed in virginal white and performed the only A-side song they had to their name, Ultra Music Power – and the opening lines have never failed to get me going WTF. “J! JOHNNY’S. U! ULTRA. M! MUSIC. P! POWER.” Why not just announce that you’ll form the head and be done with it, Kitagawa? Also, my sister pawing at my laptop screen the second Yamada Ryosuke appeared DID NOT HELP. They mixed in clips of HSJ performing in a circus along with the actual performance, but I would’ve actually been more interested in the group dancing themselves. The jimusho hasn’t done an especially good job of marketing them to me so far.

Next with TOKIO with SEISYuN – but first, K8 and NEWS whoring for the panned out camera as they show that Ryo has magically finished stripping changing. Also note that during this song, the New Year is fast approaching – less than three minutes, so they shoved in the timer to distract, just because. Nagase’s voice kept fading out against the crowd’s screams, but it’s not a bad song.

Then came NEWS with weeeek – I don’t need to give you my opinions on the song, and you can probably tell that the fact that NEWS’ contributions for the year is done with sort of amuses me. Koyama, however, wins the Camwhore award of this group because he slipped into almost every screencap I tried to make. (As compared to Massu, who barely slipped in.) Also, the color-based outfits are much better than the grandma robes even if they’re kind of casual and NEWS could just walk down the street in them – please to never be wearing those red abominations EVER AGAIN.

Arashi ends the medley with Love so sweet. I don’t need to give you my opinions on this one, either. Between this song and a commercial break, we are down to 30 seconds left. (The inclusion of commercial breaks has my mind boggling, but okay. Whatever. We’ll go with what makes money.)

Aiba freaks out, the camera goes to various Johnny’s (and I want to punch Nakamaru everytime he’s onscreen for doing what he does), Massu finally gets some screentime, everyone’s counting not-in-sync. V6 have already changed their suits and K8 lost the overcoats (and made me cry with their unworthy eye-glaring suits), why KAT-TUN has yet to change because they were the first to perform is beyond me. Lose the casual punk already. And Nakamaru’s antics.

And then comes the New Year and, conveniently, a birthday. Domoto Koichi is a New Year’s baby – his birthday lands right on January 1st. He’s 29 – a hot 29 – and so this is more than a bit belated but happy birthday to him. More importantly, Nagase Tomoya gives him a birthday kiss. “SOSHITE, SOSHITE! KO-CHAN! TANJOUBI OMEDETOU!” And Koichi’s freaking out going “No, no, it’s okay, WTF ARE YOU DOING NAGASE!?” and dies when TOKIO’s lead singer plants one on his cheek. Hmm, maybe I’ll watch Countdown every year to see who gives Koichi the birthday kiss. That one moment was worth the gig of space it took up on my dying laptop.

HSJ’s not allowed to work anymore – labor laws plus their being underage kiddies – so now they get sidelined into the audience. (Chinen must have been so happy, performing in Countdown with his beloved idol Ohno hosting and then he gets better seats than the rest of the audience for the remainder of the show.) Then comes the first performance of Hatsuuta – the new song for the Countdown. I must express my immense disatisfaction with Hatsuuta. For one thing, I understood the lyrics nearly perfectly as they rolled onscreen. Normally I’d be happy with this because it means my Japanese is improving, but not when the lyrics are as cheesy as these are. Sure, it’s a New Year’s song, it’s from a boyband organization, but there are limits to feel good. “Everybody say Love! Love! Love!” Not this song, sorry.

Thankfully we switch into the Johnny’s Countdown 10th Anniversary Best Hit Medley. From 1998 we start with KinKi Kids’ JETCOASTER ROMANCE – Taichi’s sill hamming it up for the camera as he walks off to a different platform with TOKIO, where they perform Love & Peace (but Taichi dominates camera space first.) Then V6 runs out to the sound of para-para for Be Yourself!… and I cannot tell a lie. My sister and I started doing para-para hand motions. It was fun until she smacked me in the face.

We switch into 1999, and my sister breaks out into gigglefits. The star of 1999 is Arashi’s, well, A・RA・SHI. We watched Shukudai-kun. If you have too, that’s all you need to know. If you haven’t, that’s okay, you’re probably not an Arashi fan (oh, how low I’ve fallen. Cry for youme.) and you’re not missing out on anything.

Skip to 2000 and we have the first of the special collaborations (which shall henceforth dominate the medley because King Sakurai so decrees) – NEWS and Arashi singing SUNRISE Nippon. This obviously came before SAKURA Sake (which was in 2005), so I haven’t heard it yet, but it’s interesting to see how NEWS is split up amongst Arashi. Sho with Tegoshi, being friendly. Ohno with Shige, both of whom are pretty much ignoring each other’s existence. Nino harassing YamaPi with the most innocent look on his face. (I knew there was a reason he became my number two.) Ryo shaking the hell out of Jun. And Aiba barely managed to get out of being filmed in a drunken romp with Koyama and Massu.

2001 sees us opening with TOKIO and Kanjani8 performing MESSAGE – which is a rather nice song. I like it. (Damn. Now I have to go find it.) It’s not hard to tell some members of TOKIO aren’t used to hanging around without their instruments – but they’re having fun anyways. Nagase continues on to lead Hitoribocchi no HABURASHI as Sakuraba Yuichiro, and gets a AT-TUN (Kame’s anorexia finally backfired!) to help him. They’ve finally changed – and they’re still punk. I guess it’s better than before, though it looks like pieces are ready to fall off their jackets. And Koki’s shirt hurts the eye worse than Kanjani8’s suits. Finishing up 2001 is V6 (along with Tackey & Tsubasa) doing Ai no Melody – T&T just changed their jackets and won the laziest costume change award of the Countdown. They’re just knee-length jackets, how hard can they be to get out of? At least V6 also changed the suit pants.

Special unit of 2002 – Jun and Kame, the skinny bitches of Johnny’s. They took KinKi Kids’ KANASHIMI BLUE and… well, they didn’t butcher it, but they didn’t really do good for it either. This is the performance where Jun ditched the dork glasses, where Jun’s nasality made Kame a better singer (this scares me), and where I cried for a KinKi song I do know and love. Then Ohno gets together with Junno (KAT-TUN), Tsubasa (TxT), Matsuoka (TOKIO – the original group), and Subaru (Kanjani8) to sing Hana Uta. Oh, and Ikuta Toma’s there too. I guess because this was the year the jimusho realized they had to do something with him, what with his fan popularity but still being a junior and not in a group and having HSJ debut before him. Ouch. But at least he’s dressed really classy, unlike a certain other group. Koki and Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) decide to bust out the dance moves for PIKA☆NCHI (originally by Arashi), and Morita (V6), not to be shown up by his juniors, does a little something too. This is one of the Arashi songs I haven’t heard, but I’m pretty sure the beatboxing doesn’t belong. And then Taichi (TOKIO) brings back his awesome, only to have Miyake (V6) push him away from the camera. Taichi makes a comeback though – it’s kind of hard to not laugh at his antics.

2003 has a hard job after Taichi, but it tries. Eien no BLOODS (originally by KinKi Kids) opens, sung by Nagase (TOKIO), Ohkura (K8), Nino and Aiba (Arashi), Tegoshi, Koyama, and YamaPi (NEWS) – NEWS has changed into shiny silver/black suits that sort of make up for the grandma robes, but Arashi… well, Nino’s still into the bees, but Aiba’s moved onto the birds in a white suit with a red shirt and some gigantic red plumage attached as a corsage. It’s a lot better than the bumblebee outfits. Koichi comes out afterwards in a smart black/red/white suit to perform Darling (by V6) with Tackey in his purple jacket… I think they put the Jun/Kame combo almost to shame as far as bad singing goes. But the point was to see Koichi bouncing with Tackey looking like little kids. Tsuyoshi refused to be outdone and brings his V6 boytoys partners, Okada and Inohara, to sing TOKIO’s AMBITIOUS JAPAN!. Um, the exclamation mark is part of the song and does not denote any personal excitement towards it.

King Sakurai, who has also lost interest in the bees, decides that perhaps the special combinations aren’t working out that well after listening to to the butchering of KANASHIMI BLUE and Darling, so he sends Tackey & Tsubasa to perform Yume Monogatari as its original performers. This will become the only song from 2003’s medley that I like, because the next one is NEWS with NEWS NIPPON and oh, how I hate that song. I groaned from the opening “ONE!”, and so it gets no screencaps.

Luckily it’s just the chorus and we move to 2004, which is all about KinKi Kids. Jun has also lost interest in the bees (I guess by now it’s safe to say that all of Arashi has changed costumes), and announces Anniversary, which is immediately followed by Ne, Ganbaru yo. KinKi dominates a moving platform each and still does not fail to look good even with the abuse of loose dangling things on just one side of their jackets.

2005 is the crack year. First we have Kanjani8 with Sukiyanen, Osaka. But up until the end of his spiel, K8 (and Yoko in particular) is harassing Aiba. Ryo’s singing in his sparkly NEWS outfit, a welcome change when the camera finally landed on him after all those ugly suits. Everyone in the audience was caught up in doing the hand motions as well, and I’m pretty sure I’m going deaf in my left ear after my sister’s squeal at Yoko’s final “Sukiyanen!” Next was Seishun AMIGO by Shuuji to Akira (Kame and Pi), but the jimusho figured on giving the fangirls their beloved pairings, so Ryo and Jin show up as well, though not without what looks like fighting motions on Ryo’s part first – followed by various Jin kicks to the butt during the actual performance I’m also fairly certain Pi’s jacket back reads “I am irritating” in glitter text, and I don’t need to tell you what I think of that. Then one of the pinnacles of J-Pop crack – FANTASTIPO by TORAIJI HAIJI (Tsuyoshi and Taichi), with special performers Koichi and Nagase – who are both clearly unsure about doing the dance in the face of Tsuyoshi and Taichi’s ultimate combination of ridiculousness. This song cannot be limited to Johnny’s – I wasn’t even into Johnny’s (or NEWS) when it was released and I still heard it.

2006 is the big year because they used up almost every song from 2007 already, so we get everything they could cram in. YamaPi’s Daite SENORITA featuring Toma (who hugs Pi and sends the crowd into a deafening roar) and someone each from V6, TOKIO, and KAT-TUN; Tegomass’ MISO SOUP with a guest appearance from more TOKIO and V6 members (Massu’s microphone was totally not working); Arashi and V6 performing SEASIDE Bai-Bai (because Sho and Okada were in Kisarazu Cat’s Eye); KAT-TUN’s debut single Real Face (I was torn between “They finally have actual concert costumes!” to “WTF are those things on their shoulders? Jin looks pretty pissed about wearing it, too.”); Kanjani8 with KANFU FIGHTING (where everyone but Ryo donned red yankee overcoats to cover their ugly suits) and NEWS with SAYAENDOU immediately after (Ryo just switched levels on the cart both groups were crammed in); Arashi’s Kitto Daijoubu (they commandeered the other cart and kicked Ueda, Nakamaru, and Junno off the top half); KinKi Kids on one of the moving platforms (with TOKIO dancing) singing Harmony of December; V6 on the other (with TxT hopping about in shiny silver and gold outfits that reflected almost every light in the area) singing GOOD DAY!!; Tackey & Tsubasa’s Venus; and finally TOKIO with Sorafune. At this point TOKIO had changed into shiny gold lame outfits so I gave up trying to distinguish between Joshima and Yamaguchi. Those outfits don’t hold a candle to the black ones and Nagase went b-boy on us.

You’ll forgive that I don’t screencap all of 2006’s songs, of course, because it’s a pain in the ass. And these things are better watched than read about. You know you want to laugh at the costumes while watching instead of reading.

Finishing off the medley is one last song from 2007 – featuring special guest (and super Johnny) Higashiyama Noriyuki, Itoshi no NAPOLITAN. Yes, the Kuitan 2 theme song. (Sho looks so proud to announce this.) Higashiyama appears with V6-minus-Nagano (because Morita also sings the song) in a glittery black outfit and feathered fedora and I cannot believe this man is over 40. My sister bemoaned the lack of Suga Kenta, but really, who needs extras when you have Higashiyama? He wins against all Johnny’s and then some.

Jun introduces the seven Mouse year babies (according to the Chinese zodiac – that is, every 12 years – so these guys are going to turn 24 or 36) – Yamaguchi, Nagano, Jin, Ryo, Yasuda, Koyama, and Toma. Please don’t ask me why they’re on a dragon. Final words and actions from everyone; KinKi has Koichi shoving Tsuyoshi’s head into the camera and Tsuyoshi’s words for the coming year are just the ending notes of the background music; TxT has my sister wondering why all duos have a member who hides behind the other (Tsubasa in this case); V6 has half their member staring into space while Sakamoto announces a concert for 20th Century; Kanjani8 freaks out Sho and fights for the camera while Ryo wonders where NEWS is so he knows where to run next; somehow, YamaPi manages to be late for NEWS’ new year part; for KAT-TUN, Jin looks pissed and Nakamaru pisses me off some more (and Koki needs to drag Kame to the camera); Tsuyoshi almost invades TOKIO’s bit and Taichi grabs one last shot at filling up the camera space.

All that done with, a final performance of Hatsuuta with signboards to throw. Tsuyoshi looks like he tried to bean someone with his signboard and gives the camera a “You saw nothing” look. A last word from Arashi (and specifically Ohno, who dons the funky gear where does he get this stuff from?) on the coming year, and then it’s finally over. Two weeks of watching and re-watching the Countdown and working on this post done with! (A sad tear comes to my eye when I think of how it will post and be skimmed through in less than 10 minutes.)

So, 10 things I have learned from the Johnny’s Countdown:

01) Johnny’s stylists have way too much fun seeing how ridiculous they can get with the outfits. The boys only look bad half the time, but that’s still 50%.

02) KinKi’s songs for 2007 sucked because not a single one popped up. But no one cares because they’re 29 and they’re Johnny’s and they look good in almost everything. Mmmm.

03) Everyone wants to kiss Koichi, even if Nagase’s only rebounding from Ayu. (That’s one long rebound.) Can you blame them?

04) Countdown becomes a game of Where’s Taichi? – not that he makes it very hard.

05) Ryo gets a lot of vocal exercise. It doesn’t help his voice in the least.

06) YamaPi’s whored out a bit much. Thankfully, Fever to Future didn’t make an appearance.

07) I still don’t like KAT-TUN. I was going to like Nakamaru because of Sushi Oji! (Jin and Junno really just pissed me off in Yukan Club) and then this happened. So no, I still don’t like KAT-TUN.

08) The whole point of watching Countdown is to see how the groups and members interact with each other. By the way, Arashi’s so gay and happy no one in Johnny’s hates them. Except KAT-TUN, but KAT-TUN hates everyone except NEWS. Who is practically incest with Kanjani8. TOKIO and KinKi like to get kinky, and TxT are honorary members of V6. SMAP goes “Psh! We can’t sing or dance, so we’re in Kouhaku. Take that!” and no one cares.

09) Johnny’s is going to be hell to go through considering the massive history and discography (and this Countdown only went through 10 years) – but I am still tempted to do it. So yes, it’s bad for me.

10) Higashiyama is still king. Now and forever. VIVA KUITAN!

See you boys next year. (My head hurts just thinking about it.)

  1. January 13, 2008 at 4:06 am

    Kudos to you for such a thorough post! But *scratches head* it’s making me want to watch it badly, so I’m going to find it and dl. XD It must be the great selection of captions, Nagase’s surprise, and my recent growing love for NEWS. =p

  2. Raid-kun
    January 13, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    Comments for the parts I’ve read:

    1. The first solo-matsu-jun cap looks like he’s making a rude hand gesture (you know which one)
    2. “I’m partial to fuzzy heads. Also, I don’t think I could listen to x~DAME~ without wanting to shoot someone in the head.”

    Both of us are partial to fuzzy heads. Especially THAT fuzzy head. xD And Dame is nice, just because.

    3. Point number 8 = xDDDDDDD

    4. I think I’m gonna give up on my Je countdown post in favor for something else.

  3. January 13, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Woah, such a thorough post!

    Had fun reading it… haha
    I’ve also watched it for a few times, just to see every other dude from Johnny’s and squeal at Arashi all over again!

  4. Mel
    January 13, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    I love the Countdown this year…
    I’m gonna be biased and say it’s all because of Arashi being the hosts this year….. ^_^

    Lols! Seriously, I am so use to the Johnny’s outfits that I dont even blink if I saw an exceptionally horrendous one… After all it’s a part of the Johnny’s charm…… >o<

  5. celestia414
    January 21, 2008 at 8:25 am

    Oh my God you’re right… Jin walks like a girl.. How did I not notice this before??

  6. Shenai
    February 7, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    This was actually more fun than watching the Countdown. XD
    I liked previous years better^^ This one was a bit messy and rushed.

    It’s always Tomoya who gives Koichi his birthday kiss btw *lol*
    And yay for the unending hotness that is Higashi. Now if Matchy, Akkun and Ohkamoto Sr. would have been there too… (and Akira if he hadn’t gotten himself fired in October…)

    As for the costumes, that’s half the fun of JE and you’ll learn to love the pink *lol* I used to hate pink but now… it’s scary what Johnnys has done to my brain during the last two and a half years.

  7. serosi
    March 9, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    wow such a throughout report on the concert! (^^,)

    i give you an A+ coz is it’s Amusingly and Amazingly Addicted to read from the beginning to the end.

    must not be easy to write it all; remembering the incidents from the concerts, uploading the photos, choosing the caps, etc etc, and you have to do all that with lot of eye-itching custome.

    thanks very much.

  8. April 4, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    I had fun reading this, thanks. =) Made me want to re-watch the whole thing again, and I will. =D

    So that was Higashiyama-san… I didn’t know him before, but the moment he appeared I thought, wow, this man was definitely on a different league… I even made a point to struggle through the kanji for his name, though without much success back then. ^^0

  9. DKNY
    July 8, 2008 at 10:07 am

    i know i’m reading this post like 7 months late…but i really enjoyed reading it…made me want to watch it again…probably will…lol…i have to agree with you, the outfits are like half the attraction of the show…i wonder who comes up with such horrendous outfits…
    totally random but koichi is hot especially considering how old he is…love the many caps of him

  10. December 27, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    Okay, I stumbled upon this completely by accident, but it totally made my day xD I absolutely share the sentiments here, especially about Taichi’s camera-whoring and KAT-TUN’s…”outfits”. Best countdown review I’ve read in some time xD nice work~

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