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The obligatory ranking post?

So it’s out. I’m officially a Johnny’s fan. (Those of you existing ones who read this blog, let me know if there’s an organization I’m supposed to register with or something. Because being in Johnny’s fandom is equivalent to being a mutant. [/end bad geek references])

In light of this, I need to do a ranking post. This is indeed a necessity, no arguments will be brooked. You see them all the time for Hello!Project’s many girls, and yet the only places I’ve seen Johnny’s rankings – with the exception of Ray on American Wota, but he’s an exception amongst overseas Johnny’s fans as it is – are on personal fangirling-filled journals. THIS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. LET US START A REVOLUTION, MY FELLOW FANGIRLS. And while I’m at it, start some non-personal blogs too, huh? …though half the time what I write in here seems personal anyways.

Because there are just so many Johnny’s, it wouldn’t be fair for me to list them individually being as new to the fandom as I am. You just know a third of them will be left out. Conveniently, that’s what ranking tests are for.

Test 1: Ray’s Johnny’s Ranker, including Golf & Mike and pictures, too. Top 10… er, 17 are bolded.

01 Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
01 Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)
03 Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)
03 Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
05 Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
05 Domoto Koichi (KinKi Kids)
07 Nakai Masahiro (SMAP)
08 Domoto Tsuyoshi (KinKi Kids)
09 Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
09 Yokoyama Yu (Kanjani8)
09 Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
09 Kato Shigeaki (NEWS)
09 Masuda Takahisa (NEWS)
09 Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS)
09 Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
09 Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)
09 Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO)

18 Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)
18 Nishikido Ryo (NEWS, Kanjani8)
18 Imai Tsubasa (Tackey & Tsubasa)
18 Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubasa)
18 Morita Go (V6)
18 Inohara Yoshihiko (V6)
24 Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN)
24 Tanaka Koki (KAT-TUN)
24 Taguchi Junnosuke (KAT-TUN)
24 Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN)
24 Mike (Golf and Mike)
24 Golf (Golf and Mike)
24 Okura Tadayoshi (Kanjani8)
24 Yasuda Shota (Kanjani8)
24 Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8)
24 Murakami Shingo (Kanjani8)
24 Shibutani Subaru (Kanjani8)
24 Okada Junichi (V6)
24 Miyake Ken (V6)
24 Nagano Hiroshi (V6)
24 Sakamoto Masayuki (V6)
24 Joshima Shigeru (TOKIO)
24 Yamaguchi Tatsuya (TOKIO)
24 Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO)
24 Shingo Katori (SMAP)
24 Inagaki Goro (SMAP)
24 Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP)
24 Kimura Takuya (SMAP)

Looking at this, it’s easy to see where my loyalties lie. Arashi’s shot straight to the top – surprisingly, Nino and Sho are even – though Jun is tied with the one who used to be at the top of any JE ranking I would’ve done, Koichi. Tsuyoshi’s an extra spot under Koichi, but only because Nakai’s awesome and I’ve been watching too much Utaban for my own good. (Is there such a thing?) Under him, Taichi and Nagase of TOKIO, Yoko of Kanjani8, and Kame of KAT-TUN are tied with most of NEWS – which makes the realization that NEWS was my introduction to Johnny’s sad. The one NEWS member (Ryo) who isn’t up there with the rest is tied with Nakamaru (KAT-TUN), TxT, and the only two V6 members I’ve had a slight chance to know – Inohara and Morita. Everyone else I either dislike (KAT-TUN), don’t care about (Golf & Mike), or don’t know enough to make an informed decision on (TOKIO, V6, SMAP, Kanjani8).

We’ll call this a summary of what I like in Johnny’s – Arashi, Koichi, Utaban (Nakai), KinKi Kids (Tsuyoshi), unabashed silliness (Yoko and Taichi) tied with stoic “cool guy” images (Kame and Nagase) and most of NEWS, and then… the rest.

Test 2: English version of the JE ranking at BATHKAME, with the addition of Kusano Hironori, Uchi Hiroki, and various long-standing Juniors.

With all due respect to Ray, this is the test I put more faith in – because I don’t quite acknowledge Golf and Mike as Johnny’s, because Kusano and Uchi were still around when I first got into Johnny’s, because Ikuta Toma deserves even a little bit of recognition for his time in there, and also because HSJ, whether I like it or not, is officially a Johnny’s group now. Also because it’s way too easy for me to be influenced by good looks, and the number of times I almost clicked on Miyake Ken just because he’s adorable isn’t fair when I barely know him or his idol persona. This time, top, erm, 9 are bolded.

01 Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
01 Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)
03 Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)
03 Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
05 Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
05 Domoto Koichi (KinKi Kids)
07 Nakai Masahiro (SMAP)
08 Kusano Hironori (ex-NEWS)
08 Domoto Tsuyoshi (KinKi Kids)
10 Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
10 Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
10 Masuda Takahisa (NEWS)
10 Yokoyama Yu (Kanjani8)
10 Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO)
10 Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)
16 Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS)
16 Kato Shigeaki (NEWS)
16 Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
16 Chinen Yuuri (Hey! Say! JUMP)
20 Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)
20 Nishikido Ryo (NEWS, Kanjani8)
20 Uchi Hiroki (ex-NEWS, Kanjani8)
20 Nakajima Yuto (Hey! Say! JUMP)
20 Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP)
20 Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubasa)
20 Imai Tsubasa (Tackey & Tsubasa)
20 Ikuta Toma (Johnny’s Juniors)
20 Kazama Shunsuke (Johnny’s Juniors)
20 Hasegawa Jun (Johnny’s Juniors)
20 Morita Go (V6)
20 Inohara Yoshihiko (V6)
32 Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN)
32 Taguchi Junnosuke (KAT-TUN)
32 Tanaka Koki (KAT-TUN)
32 Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN)
32 Shibutani Subaru (Kanjani8)
32 Murakami Shingo (Kanjani8)
32 Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8)
32 Yasuda Shota (Kanjani8)
32 Ohkura Tadayoshi (Kanjani8)
32 Yabu Kota (Hey! Say! JUMP)
32 Yaotome Hikaru (Hey! Say! JUMP)
32 Arioka Daiki (Hey! Say! JUMP)
32 Takaki Yuya (Hey! Say! JUMP)
32 Morimoto Ryutaro (Hey! Say! JUMP)
32 Inoo Kei (Hey! Say! JUMP)
32 Okamoto Keito (Hey! Say! JUMP)
32 Yamashita Shoon (Johnny’s Juniors)
32 Ayukawa Taiyo (Johnny’s Juniors)
32 Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO)
32 Yamaguchi Tatsuya (TOKIO)
32 Joshima Shigeru (TOKIO)
32 Miyake Ken (V6)
32 Okada Junichi (V6)
32 Nagano Hiroshi (V6)
32 Sakamoto Masayuki (V6)
32 Kimura Takuya (SMAP)
32 Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP)
32 Katori Shingo (SMAP)
32 Inagaki Goro (SMAP)

The overall results are pretty much the same as last time, but this time there’s a clear distinction between the NEWS members – Pi and Massu come out leading. Kusano (my favorite [ex-]member of NEWS) takes his spot with Tsuyoshi, but Uchi comes out near Ryo. Most of Hey!Say!JUMP are crowded with the rest, but Nakajima Yuto and Yamada Ryosuke get appeal points from dramas. Chinen, on the other hand, shot up because of his Ohno-fanboying. It’s become a defining part of his idol persona, especially considering Ohno was his inspiration for joining Johnny’s, and all the better for him if it makes the fangirls love him. Out of the five juniors that were included, two got shot down completely and three managed to climb a bit higher, and that sort of confuses me. It might because Shoon and Taiyo just never got comparisons to anyone who did rank higher, but Hasegawa and Kazama were compared to Inohara and Morita.

It’s rather clear by now, but without the images my focus becomes what I know of their personalities. I’m of the opinion that being a Johnny’s boy is less about dance skill and singing ability than it is being able to win over a crowd – which is likely why SMAP has gone on for so long despite their time being long past. For some of the guys, it may all be an act, or even just manufactured from start to finish by the jimusho, drilled in since they were young juniors; but at least there’s less chance of an arguments tha so-and-so has the personality of a cardboard box. More recently, the personality thing has gone downhill as the jimusho started trying to sell musical ability as the main part of the idol image, but there are still one or two standouts.

Because I’m female and straight, though, the question must be asked. Are the Johnny’s who are my favorites there because they have traits I’m looking for in guys? There is a reason why Johnny boys in general are marketed as single men and there are constant love-related articles about them, after all. Or are they there because I’ve exposed myself to them to the point where they feel like close friends? Maybe it’s a mix of the two, and maybe it’s merely that these specific people have just been properly doing their jobs as entertainers, which earned some degree of respect from me. (But this doesn’t explain Kusano’s position at all, so we like to disregard that.) As an aside, it’s interesting to see that Kusano’s impish little brother image places even with Tsuyoshi’s quirky loner, but it does point out the variety of personalities to be found in the jimusho, despite the heavy chance of overlapping.

So I leave you with that thought for now, mostly because my mouth is killing me, but I wonder how you Johnny’s fangirls who are reading this would answer that question – what becomes important in an idol for you?

  1. January 25, 2008 at 5:39 am

    Should I even be surprised that Ryo is your least favorite member of NEWS, when he just so happens to be MY favorite? xD


    Watch me as I squeal over Hirai ken. Much more fun.

  2. Siria
    January 26, 2008 at 12:17 am

    I’ve had a non-personal journal, but I wasn’t a fangirl at that time, and he… died. The webmaster killed the whole blog-platform T_T
    I want to start a new one, but I’m lazy.

    I didn’t do this ranking test because I feel like I don’t know enough Johnny’s for it to have a little sense (the result would be all Arashi at the top, and nearly random then). I may know some, but still can’t remember their names though ^^”

    For your question:
    At first, the look is certainly the most important thing (saying anything else would be a lie, in my case). But personality comes as soon as you start to see more of them, mostly in TV shows. As you do, I sometimes wonder about how much their personality is scripted; but being able to make a fake personality looks natural and sincere is a talent, and deserve some respect too.
    An idol is an entertainer, and as long as they keep me entertained I’m not supposed to have time to care about their true self. I mean, they’re selling themselves, I know it, starting from this point I judge them on their ability to do it (when I’m in an objective mood).

    Are the Johnny’s who are my favorites there because they have traits I’m looking for in guys?
    Or are they there because I’ve exposed myself to them to the point where they feel like close friends?

    I think in my case, it’s a mix of both, + the entertainer part.
    I sometimes do worry that I’ve exposed myself too much, and that I could get delusional. These guys do their work too well for my own good >.< (but having a good laugh at a love-related article relieve me :p The red silk background of the last one killed me XD)

  3. MyMelody
    January 26, 2008 at 3:39 am

    “So I leave you with that thought for now, mostly because my mouth is killing me, but I wonder how you Johnny’s fangirls who are reading this would answer that question – what becomes important in an idol for you?”

    Okay, I love Arashi for who they are. Lols, so cheesy huh? But it’s true..
    I have an enormous amount of respect for them. I would have never thought I would end up fanboying a Japanese idol band, but here I am proudly proclaiming my love for them. XD

    Even though their looks is what drew me in to Arashi, it is their personality and character that made me stay with them in my journey as a fan. They are all so endearingly cute, kind and likeable, it’s ridiculous. ^o^ In addition, their music is truly inspiring. It cheers me up, and motivate me in my life. Ha! I used to wonder why their are idols in the industry but now I realized it’s because we need people like them to inspire us..to make us happy. And right now, Arashi is my happiness… (pun intended) ^_-

  4. MyMelody
    January 26, 2008 at 3:41 am

    Man, I fail like how Sho fail at sports…. :) (hits head)
    okay… Lols…. Why the heck did I put “fanboying”??? in my comment above. XDDDD

    Srry, it’s supposed to be “fangirling.” :)
    Srry for posting twice.. Kimitsu… >o<

  5. oroitsme
    January 26, 2008 at 9:45 am

    I’d say the most important in my Johnny’s is personality. Aside from the starting point of a good looking one to draw me into noticing the group, it’s always personality and antics that really sucker me in. I love NEWS and Arashi now but when I first saw them, I honestly thought most of NEWS and all of Arashi weren’t good looking at all.

  6. January 26, 2008 at 3:13 pm


    there you go~~~

    I did the test, and Shige from NEWS & Tsubasa from T&T came in tops together with Arashi.
    I’m slightly biased.
    But oh wells, it’s quite true!!

    Welcome to the… fandom~
    It’s ultimately crazy.

  7. Kimitsu
    January 26, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    @Raid: As long as you squee over something, I’ll be amused. XD

    @Siria: You’ve got a very good point: An idol is an entertainer, and as long as they keep me entertained I’m not supposed to have time to care about their true self. I mean, they’re selling themselves, I know it, starting from this point I judge them on their ability to do it (when I’m in an objective mood). Idols aren’t meant to be analyzed, because they’re basically living products. As fans, maybe we all delude ourselves by developing what we think is a strong connection to them.

    I confess. I barely looked at the red silk background because I was looking instead at something peeking out from black shirts. >>;

    @Mel: For the past several years, Arashi was the last group I thought I’d get into. My friend who’s liked Arashi for a while (and has had her fandom waning lately) is amused everytime she sees me because I used to be so against Arashi and the general feel-good music that Johnny’s does. (I like w-inds., but the songs they do are almost always about love and never just inspirational by themselves, so I think of them as different.)

    It’s okay, post as many times as you’d like. XD (Well, without spamming, of course.)

    @oro: I only realized just now that you were the one behind the second ranking. XD Thanks much for that.

    I guess there’s really only three ways to get suckered into any Johnny’s: their work (be it dramas, songs, or lives), their looks, or their personalities. I definitely agree with you on the looks – “Pretty boy” would be a horrible misnomer for maybe two-thirds of Johnny’s? Their looks grow on you with time (and cosmetic touch-ups), I guess.

    @jans: NEWS mostly blends into each other for me as far as personalities go, but Shige’s not a bad kid. (I sound so old when I’m the same age he is =_=) I’d like to learn more about Tsubasa though, lately I’m getting into T&T XDD

    Crazy fandom is good. And fun. Just as long as we don’t go for batshit. :3

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  2. April 9, 2011 at 4:48 am

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