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Because this just creeped me out.

According to their official blog, MAAKII (born Onaga Maki) of HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR got married to DREAMS COME TRUE’s Nakamura Masato and so she’ll be leaving the band by the end of 2008.

This isn’t an official breakup announcement, of course, and HaiKara is supposedly going to continue their activities – but without Maki, they’re pretty much Anti-Nobunaga again, so it’s hard for me to think of them as HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR anymore. And as for Maki – congrats if you’re happy enough with the guy to marry him, but my mind, personally, is reeling from this. Nakamura turns 50 this year, Maki turns 21 next month. Nakamura also started DREAMS COME TRUE the year after Maki (and I) was born. Before you bring it up – it’s almost twice the age difference between Hikki and her ex-husband. The difference between Odagiri Joe and Kashii Yu is also only 11 years. Those cases are sort of understandable, but this borders on cradle-robbing. Then again, the age difference is pretty jarring because she was born in the same year I was. (And I just keep giving, you Internet stalkers.)

Then there’s the fact that this announcement came on the heels of Nakanomori BAND’s disbandment – what band that debuted in 2005 is next, UVERworld?

Best of luck to both HaMC and Maki, congrats to Nakamura on getting what’s practically a schoolgirl wife at his age. I’ll be waiting for UVER’s announcement.

  1. July 2, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    lol. I was a bit creeped to- usually I think of 10 years age difference (or there abouts) as the max before it’s gets wierd. But hey, if she’s happy…

  2. July 7, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    I heard about this on YouTube when I read a comment for their Hot Limit MV…wow. The dude’s been alive for nearly 2 and a half of her lifetimes. Yeah…my mind isn’t taking this very well.

    I can’t really consider HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR as HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR without Maki. :|

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