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Dangerous Girls are the Most Fun Kind.

Kuroki Meisa makes me a very very Bad Girl.

A little over half a year ago, I posted on her video Like This and remarked on her similarities to two other acts – career-wise, to one Yamada Yu. Image/song wise, to one Amuro Namie.

Well now we can throw a little Koda Kumi into the mix too.

Wait, did I say a little? I meant a lot.

And girl, do I approve. Kuroki’s clearly taken a few stripper dance classes since her first video and brings out all the sexy you ever wanted but were too afraid to ask for. Complete with inappropriate panting, lots of shots into her cleavage, wild tossing of hair, pelvic thrusting  and just her general sexy looks. Unfortunately her vocals don’t seem to have improved any, but fortunately the song – a heavily synthed R&B affair – is such that good vocals aren’t required to carry the song. It’s a fun listen, and that’s all it needs to be.

Would it be bad to say I became seriously attracted to her during this? Because she’s right, you know. “Love is not everything,” not when you have as much sex appeal as she does. Admittedly, sometimes the sexy did feel bit overemphasized, like they were afraid the song wouldn’t sell without the boobs and the thrusts. But once you grow to accept it as an essential part of the song’s being, it works. And for those who can’t handle the imagery from the video, the song is sexy in its own right.

I’d still sort of like it if she had grown into her own, instead of being a combination of various selling points. However, perhaps this is exactly what Meisa is and is meant to be, because so far it seems to be working. And to be honest, right now I’ll take this over any sign of actual musical talent. Vocal ability is not everything either.

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  1. vinyabarion
    February 28, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Color me impressed. And color me sexified… seriously… SOLD!

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