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Pardon the dust, we’re not actually revamping.

Since resurfacing at the tail end of 2008, after being missing for much of the aforementioned year, you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been trying to keep at least a weekly schedule, even if the update days are as random as a PMSing woman’s mood swings.

Alas, this week the PMSing woman decided to go off on a spree. Shopping spree, killing spree, I’m not actually sure what. She may have just decided to kick back in a comfy armchair with a Fuzzy Navel or five and watch a marathon of Nathan Fillion shows. (Castle is rather prone to reruns on her screen.)

So in her stead, here is an apology from her browbeaten husband to those of you who – for whatever insane reason – do enjoy my writing. He offers you my two recent articles on Pleasure Principled, Ray’s latest project in the Japanese music blogging world. You can choose from my dislike of pairings – with a nod to the Nissy x Misako pairing in particular – or my perhaps-more-than like of Saitou Ryuusei – though I’ve yet to completely understand the appeal of Hey! Say! VOLTRON JUMP.

And while you’re there, you may find you like the works of the other contributors too. So much that you may forget about the PMSing woman and leave her for less angry pastures – but please don’t. We’ll be back next week. Hopefully.

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