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The one you didn’t see coming.

September 28, 2009 2 comments

Well, not unless you follow me on Twitter, that is.

So for you poor unfortunate souls, here it is: I went to the AKB48 concert at Webster Hall about… 7 hours ago as I type this. (That’s right, it’s midnight and a half.)

I know. I haven’t updated in almost 4 months and this is what I come back with? You are in horror. Kimi, you cry, what is this? Where are the Johnny’s we have come to know you for?

Yeeeeeeeah, about that.

It’s a funny thing, going to a concert when you’re not a fan.

Funnier when fans terrify you. No, really. You deal with Arashi fangirls bordering on obsessive-delusional, and then tack on all the stories of how fanatical wota can be. It’s probably a bad idea to go to the concert knowing only one song.

And the situation becomes funniest when you go with a newly-bought copy of Coming Century’s mini-album Hello-Goodbye in your bag. Huh. Lucky the wota didn’t see that.

But for whatever stupid reason, despite not bringing along a notebook/writing utensil, the blogger in me would not let me go and I ended up jotting the setlist into a text message draft on my cell phone in the midst of what had to have ben at least 60 roaring people. So have a concert report from what is probably an interesting perspective! And then some.

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Tell me something I don’t know

February 9, 2009 3 comments

I’ve listened to Japanese music for probably 9/10 years now. They didn’t get the brainwashing in too early, but it’s there all the same.

I’ve actively considered myself a fan of various artists for 6/7 years. It’s a bit of a scary thought.

But there are still some things I can’t wrap my head around.

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Otakon 2007: 夢のカケラのように [AAA Part 3/FINAL]

July 27, 2007 16 comments

For the past three days I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this up without breaking into tears.

But perhaps it would be better if I explained it metaphorically.

The events of the first day might be compared to a 3-course dinner. The AAA concert being the appetizer, the autograph session being the main course, and chancing to see AAA themselves walking past and telling us good-bye a very special dessert.

Likewise, the events of the past three days would be the three meals of the day. The concert was that necessary and energizing breakfast. The Q&A was lunch, the meal that keeps a person going. And the last day was dinner, the most satisfying meal of the day. So satisfying that, as I’d later comment to those who were there (and had to put up with me, sorry!), I didn’t want to head back home.

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Otakon 2007: A CRAZY GONNA CRAZY interview [AAA Part 2]

July 24, 2007 9 comments

On the second day of Christmas- er, the con, we got up early. Ridiculously early. By my standards at least. (But hey, for Christma- um, the con, it was worth it! The con may as well have been Christmas in summer for this AAA fan. Beautiful weather, AAA, fun times, AAA, beautiful Baltimore, AAA – lather, rinse, repeat.) This was done partially to oblige a friend of mine who was rooming with us but not an AAA fan who needed to get his badge for convention-entering purposes. I say partially because the con doors open at 9, and the AAA Q&A panel was at 11. We (Icy, Ilan, DaRon, and I) ran to get there and get good seats. Nicolette, Kristi, Paulina, and Paulina’s ever-so-amazing mother joined us later.

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Otakon 2007: How to set fans’ BLOOD on FIRE [AAA Part 1]

July 24, 2007 13 comments

While at any other time I would gladly attend an anime convention and fit in – let’s face it. This time it was all about AAA.

But let me start off with a big thanks to Jim Vowles and the staff of Otakon not only for having AAA there, but especially the latter for putting up with certain very happy die-hard fans. Self included. (I’m pretty certain that by the end of the autograph session today, not only were the staff handling the AAA sessions amused that we’d showed up every time, but possibly slightly scared of us.)

So, first day. Not very important, actually.

Unless you count AAA’s first overseas “concert”.

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Otakon 2007.

July 23, 2007 Leave a comment

Okay, so I’m going to have to kindly ask that you forgive the next three or so posts I will be making on this blog.

All will be related to Otakon 2007.

But I cannot promise any coherence.

Because for me to call it anything but the best weekend of my life would be a lie.