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State of the Fangirl 02

November 24, 2009 2 comments

I know, I know. I said in the first post that this would be a weekly thing. So it’s best to set an actual day for it to be weekly, no? Because it always annoys me at the end of the year when major releases in Japan are shunted from the usual Wednesday to January 1st, no matter what day it is. I’m odd like that.

o1/ Arashi’s MY GIRL single hits me on so many levels. One, the title song is bland. I’m sure as I watch the drama more, it’ll grow on me, but I don’t know how likely that is considering the source material (again, manga), is much cuter. I am considering continuing it past the first episode just for the little girl. She’s cute, she can act, and she gets Aiba teased. What’s not to like? On the other hand, I haven’t watched 0 Goushitsu no Kyaku, the drama in which Ohno stars in the first arc, but I’m rather enjoying Tokei Jikake no UMBRELLA, its theme song. Well, except for Sho’s rap. It honestly feels like they stuck it in there because Sho wouldn’t really have a rap on this single otherwise. I’m sure the fangirls are enjoying the orgasmic “Uh, mou dame” in the middle. Well, that and the recent news of Kobayashi Mao’s engagement to Ichikawa Ebizo. (Note to self: Avoid the topic of the engagement at the Johnny’s fanmeet on December 6th. Or tonzura koite out of the room if it gets brought up.) The rest of the song returns listeners to the dark dramatic atmosphere that made truth such a hit with fans, though the accordion calls to mind Professor Layton. It’s also a fun song to lip-sync too, since they’re so passionate in it.

But no, the best track is SUPER FRESH, by far. I’m almost sad to say that I love it best because it feels so Western, rather than by default. There’s the club-style beat, so easy to get addicted to. The monotone quick-paced singing, carrying you through the song to the chorus. There is one brass section at the end that throws me back to WISH, but overall Arashi songs are mostly known for their energy, so this is definitely a change of pace. But who’s to say it can’t be a good one?

o2/ Ohitorisama: I’m going to be honest. Like many w-inds. fangirls, I’m watching this for the novelty of seeing one Tachibana Keita act. I only just got through the first episode this past week with my sister (who is watching it for Koike Teppei – looking considerably aged from when we saw him in Shibatora – and Maya Miki). To my surprise, there’s a lot more musical artists in this show than I thought. Of course, heroine Mizuki Arisa is a singer, and Teppei and Keita are part of WaT and w-inds. respectively, along with having their own solo works. Matsushita Nao, another teacher who seems to have plans for Teppei’s character, put out an album earlier this year, but has been around since 2006. And Suzuki Ami – yes, that Suzuki Ami, Nakata Yasutaka fans – shows up as the school nurse. Unfortunately, this also means that some of the acting in this drama kind of sucks. I’m going to stick with it for my sister, though. (To you guys, I suggest you go watch JIN. Tied with MR. BRAIN for the best drama of the year in my opinion.) And because I want to know what the hell Keita’s character does that lets him do what seems to be sit at home and play games all day. Hook a sister up, will you?

o3/ Let’s get ugly. And by ugly I mean self-servicing. In case you don’t know and want to follow me, I have a Twitter. The Twitter, much like myself, is abundant with inanity. If you like my blog, you might like my Twitter, I don’t know. Follow me so I can call you a stalker. But onto the actual subject – having a Twitter means I am a victim of… Twitter operations! On November 17th (in Japan), the person behind the uwasako LiveJournal initiated an attempt to get Japanese pop as a trending topic, after seeing various KPop ones coast up the Twitter Trending Topic Top 10 list.

She chose the fun hastag of #deadfisheyes. It worked, sending them flying to just under New Moon, I think. Hey, I contributed one to the attempt myself. Though admittedly I didn’t actually know what it was for at the time. And now due to the success (or at least latching onto the originality of it in the latter case), two more operations are going on this coming week. On the 24th, Project #eggplant, for Akanishi Jin. (I don’t know why that date.) On the 26th, in honor of Ohno’s birthday, Operations #tsuribaka and #wemakestorm. (Girls, can I say that while I know there are a lot of Arashi fans on Twitter, I suggest PICK ONE AND STICK WITH IT. Or else you’ll end up like the Chinese elections here in New York and get nowhere. I prefer the latter for all Arashi tweets. Just sayin’.)

While I’m sick of seeing Wonder Girls on my Twitter feed – mostly thanks to one person, not saying it’s a bad thing to enjoy fandom, but not being a fan, I’ve had enough – I’m sort of ambivalent about Johnny’s Twitter spam too. Nonetheless, it won’t hurt too many, I think. I’ll get back to you about the murders I’ve committed in reaction to it after the event’s over.

o4/ avex, when will you stop with the underage kiddies? Not that certain people won’t enjoy it. So based off a show called Tensai Terebi MAX, apparently, a new group called Dream5 has been formed. If you’re like me, the first thing you thought of when you saw that name was Folder/5. (Speaking of which, I only recently discovered that it’s HIKARI playing Light’s little sister in the Death Note movie. Also, I’ve only recently watched the Death Note movie. It took an iPod for me to do it. Don’t judge me.) These kids are all younger than any underage group we’ve seen from avex in the past – Folder and SweetS being what come to mind. The youngest is a fourth grader, the eldest two are 7th graders. And the sole guy in the group is in the middle, being a 6th grader. He’s also adorable, but please ignore my pedophilia. They also follow in the path of main singers + backup dancers. I can’t see this one succeeding any longer than SweetS did, especially since their debut single I don’t obey ~Bokura no PRIDE~ is lacking in quality. (Has Togashi Akio lost his touch?) But hey, whatever gets me more cute little boys to fawn over.

In case you’re waiting for a report on Shingo’s Talk Like Singing musical – keep your eyes peeled… actually, don’t. That’s disgusting. But now that the musical has finished its run in NYC and I don’t have to worry about details being spoiler-ish, it’ll be along!


JPTV Spring 2009 Season

March 29, 2009 1 comment

It’s already that time of year again, when you all whip out your wallets and donate $5 to the cause of Kimi’s Early Christmas.

Okay, okay, I kid. But with April around the corner, it’s already time for a new season of Japanese TV, which also means it’s time for me to name-drop like Armageddon’s here. As always, all summaries from DramaWiki, because I’m a lazy, lazy blogger who can’t be bothered to translate unless absolutely necessary.

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Not a trace of doubt in the skies!

March 16, 2009 1 comment

For the sake of making bad puns, I was once a non-Believer. When the first previews of this song came out as early as late December, I think, I wouldn’t touch it. Starting from January previews of the PV started flooding the Arashi communities – and I stubbornly scolled past it all.

So now I can only hope that the church of Arashi will let me back into its fold.

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いざっ, Now is not the time for excuses

March 5, 2009 Leave a comment

In addition to being a bad AAA fan, I am also apparently a bad Arashi fan.

Because I know I will eventually have to review them for this blog, I have put off listening to the albums I have yet to review, both past and recent. Even though I do listen to the new singles as they come out, I don’t pay nearly as much attention as I should – after I have learned the melody for the A-sides so I can sing them at karaoke when necessary, I am easily satisfied. I have also put off listening to Believe and Kumori nochi, Kaisei – but that’s less of a “bad Arashi fan” and more of a “Kimi hates previews with a passion” thing, even though the full single will have already been leaked by the time this posts. (Hurray for scheduled posting!)

Because I was once ambitious enough to start writing fairly in-depth Episode Guides for Himitsu no Arashi-chan!, G no Arashi, and Arashi no Shukudai-kun, I have put off watching the variety shows until I can translate the related blurb on the official site (or in Himitsu-chan’s case, gather the mental capacity required to translate many spoken informative lines at the same time). Unfortunately, as a side effect, VS Arashi has also been thrown to the wayside, though the translation effort required isn’t nearly as great. Playing catchup on their older shows (such as Mago Mago Arashi) has also temporarily been abandoned.

Because I am afraid of wanting to make another photoshoot post, and because I am afraid of losing yet more money to magazines that I can’t exactly afford at the moment (well, perhaps I could, but I honestly find my snack and gaming budgets more important), I have avoided checking out most of their new magazine appearances since Nino in Cut around the beginning of Ryusei no Kizuna. To be honest, though, I think it might take me another two months to get over that photoshoot.

Because there’s just so many other shows and activities (read: games) taking up my time, I have barely begun the first episode of Ohno’s drama this season, Uta no Onii-san. (Oh, but everything else has been given more than a cursory glance. Curse your addictiveness, TRIANGLE and Mei-chan no Shitsuji!) I shudder to think of how long it will take for me to get around to watching Nino’s tanpatsu, DOOR TO DOOR.

Ruri, who I accidentally (okay, perhaps not) converted to the Arashi fandom and now spends at least 2 hours a week messing with Arashi-related things instead of getting sleep or doing homework, tells me that I am a bad Arashi fan. Ruri is also the one who insists I get around to learning the new Arashi songs, too. And Ruri is now the one who spazzes over Arashi shows to me whereas previously I would insist on her watching various things.

By the way, Ruri also has some very painful ideas of stimuli to get other people to get work done.

So somehow I’ve managed to overcome all of the above and finally bust out a review for いざっ, Now. Okay, I lie, I haven’t really overcome any of it yet – and definitely not the Ruri part, since she could care less about this. But here is an Arashi review for you anyways. The 7 of you who came here only for my Arashi posts can come back now – I like having my readership levels above the “10” mark.

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Tell me something I don’t know

February 9, 2009 3 comments

I’ve listened to Japanese music for probably 9/10 years now. They didn’t get the brainwashing in too early, but it’s there all the same.

I’ve actively considered myself a fan of various artists for 6/7 years. It’s a bit of a scary thought.

But there are still some things I can’t wrap my head around.

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JPTV Winter 2009 Season

January 14, 2009 2 comments

Amazingly, it has been a year since I last posted one of these. And of course, once again, it comes after the start of the season. That’s not to say I haven’t been keeping up with dramas from the rest of 2008, just that for one reason or another I didn’t post anything about it here. Of course, I’m certain you haven’t missed these either, since unlike most other posts on the subject, this only covers about-to-air dramas that personally interest me.

You may notice that only dramas are mentioned this time around – that’s because I haven’t seen a single anime series that interests me this season. Historical Fantasy, Sports, Harem, the requisite action that doesn’t have enough of a kick to appeal, and bringing back the yuri. Okay, I lie, there is one – Maria†Holic – but that has the enormous potential to go wrong, since I didn’t read the manga it was based on and as a medium, anime likes slapstick far more than drama, and slapstick is beginning to get worn out on me.

Either way, long blurb of text, coming your way! As always, all summaries from DramaWiki.

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“愛するより飛ぶ”? Not here, at least.

July 3, 2008 4 comments

Arashi on a roof. Again, guys? We can\'t keep calling the firement.

I want to say that I am still, 100%, an Arashi fan.

I think, in all likelihood, I probably am.

It still doesn’t mean One Love is going to get it easy from me.

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