Lyrics Index

Just a way to categorize all the lyrics I’ve either romanized or color-coded, and may eventually translate (badly) – if it has kanji, I’m probably planning on translating it at some point.

This isn’t really for anything other than my own personal use, but if you’d like to reference them or share them, please link to the individual posts instead of copy-pasting. Time and work did go into identifying voices, romanizing kanji, coloring the lyrics, and such, thank you. All lyrics are copyright their original owners, obviously.

A way to tell what’s been done with what can be found in the titles of each lyrics post:
K: Contains kanji lyrics
R: Contains romanized lyrics
T: Contains translated lyrics
CC: Color-coded/Parts split to identify who sings what

I welcome all and any corrections, just leave a comment to let me know what needs to be fixed!

2009/04/13: Added lyrics for Kuroki Meisa’s Hear the Alarm?.

AAA: Paradise Paradise [K|R|T|CC]
AAA: Red Soul [K|R|CC]
AAA: Saigo no KOTOBA [K|R|CC]
Arashi: CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2 [R|CC]
Arashi: Carry on [R|CC]
Arashi: COOL & SOUL [R|CC]
Arashi: Kitto Daijoubu [R|CC]
Arashi: LIFE [R|CC]
Arashi: Love Situation [R|CC]
Arashi: Love so sweet [R|CC]
Arashi: ROCK YOU [R|CC]
Arashi: SAKURA Sake [R|CC]
Arashi: Yes? No? [R|CC]
Kuroki Meisa: Hear the Alarm? [K|R|T]

  1. March 23, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    hi, i cant seem to see the colour coded lyrics for arashi-love so sweet, i need them for a collab im doing on my youtube channel, would you be able to email them me? it would be very much appreciated :)

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